What goes around.

September 18, 2014


I’ve been so consumed with the important things in my life these past weeks that I’d completely forgotten that there have been a couple of people buzzing negative and crazy energy around my sphere like annoying little gnats.

At another time, in another day –maybe just last year–I’d be more consumed with the fact that crazy people were lashing out with the intent to hurt me.

Does that strike you as too strong? Trust me, it isn’t.

It’s puzzling, it really is. Human behavior can still surprise me. Maybe it’s because I live with an open heart.

Still, this stuff just bounced off me last month.

Swat! Get your crazies away from me!

Not even a flesh wound.

Maybe I’ve matured or evolved — maybe I developed a force-field–or maybe I have my priorities straight–but I forgot all about them until now.

My concern these days are with the people I love and need and the people who love and need me.

The rest? I trust to karma. The Universe.

Because what goes around will come around without my needing to do a single thing.

That moment when you realize that no one can hurt you without your permission?


The Universe is awesome in its perfection.

47 comments on “What goes around.
  1. Wow!! Endorse every word!!

  2. One of my favorite mottos which helps me let go of anger and sometimes judgement– when all I really want to do is expand my precious energies by give that permission to be hurt and angry, then fight back. It’s a close kin to Letting Go and Letting God, another favorite”to live by”phrase that helps me to move on from another’s insensitivities. Good post!

  3. It is amazing how freeing letting go of other peoples negative energy really is. It isn’t an easy habit to start but so worth it.

  4. Kathy says:

    One of the most important truths to learn. Great post, Carol!

  5. It’s so incredibly freeing to realize WE have the power to stop letting the crazies in or at us. I’ve lately had to flat-out shut out some extended family members who are (as they’ve been for years) too crazy for my currently frazzled brain and body. To protect and heal myself I had to separate… And, man, how nice it’s been to say “I truly and physically cannot take this shit right now.”

  6. So true Carol. One of my favorite sayings lately come from Abraham-Hicks when she/he says, “Things are always working out for me.” This reminds me completely that as YOU say, “what goes around, comes around.” The vibration I put out always returns to me so stay focused on that. Thanks for this reminder. ~Kathy

  7. Tammy says:

    Awesome Carol…I try to live this too but sometimes it’s still difficult to ignore.

  8. This would be an excellent way for me to live, and I’m working on getting there. At this point I’m still so shocked when people say and do things to be deliberately hurtful. Fortunately it’s a rare occasion when it happens.

  9. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    The moment when you realize that no one can hurt you without your permission — love that and tucking it in my back pocket for safekeeping.

  10. penpen says:

    I have framed on my desk a quote my yoga-practicing daughter wrote out for me: “It was not up to Buddha to pass judgment on his erring nephew; life itself would do that.”
    Talk about deliberately hurtful actions: The nephew, as you probably know, tried to kill the Buddha. Life does take care of lots of bad stuff.

  11. Donna says:

    This was beautiful….I have a dear, dear friend….a big time scientist who told me the earth also heals itself. For instance when there is a terrible oil spill, there are enzymes that “eat” the oil. There are very few things that permenently have an effect, the metaphor with humans is clear. We can heal, especially if we let things go and not pick at the scab. Beautifully said, this has been my lesson for the past decade. I am finally getting better.

  12. Ruth Curran says:

    On those days when it feels like one big experiment and a study of human behavior – ours, others, and how the they mix and mingle — it is nice to remember the equalizing power of the Universe and to have someone like you (OK, exactly you) to be carry that reminder!

  13. Lana says:

    You’re so right – and I’m working on it. Sharing.

  14. My new mantra. Thank you! 😉

  15. I have always loved the quote from the brilliant Eleanor Roosevelt that said you can’t let anyone hurt you without your permission. I’ve been working really hard on this one, but it’s not always easy.

  16. The best thing about getting older is negative people in my life no longer get to me like they used to!

  17. Who’s got the time, energy or NEED to fling negativity at you?! I don’t get it.

  18. D. A. Wolf says:

    I do like the sentiments! Unfortunately, it’s my experience that there are exceptions. Sadly, some people can hurt us – badly – regardless of attitude or beliefs. And the may be just fine afterward. The way we fight back and build back? That one is within our control, to a large extent.

    • Yes, I think that is true. But having had this experience lately–a reallly big betrayal, I can see my own personal growth in an area that has had a steeping learning curve for me.

  19. Thankfully I’ve missed any drama but so glad you took a stand for yourself. When your happy in your own skin nothing much will get through. Good for you!

  20. Carol, I’ve found that through my mindfulness training and yoga practice that usually I am my worst enemy. I try not to let others bring me down during my life after 50.

  21. and when something bad happens? Is that karma?

  22. If I didn’t believe in Karma and hadn’t been raised as a pacifist, boy oh boy would some of the world have to watch out. I try to remain positive, but sometimes it is hard. Where to they sell metaphysical fly-swatters?

  23. Michelle says:

    I need to read this blog post every morning when I get up in the morning and every night before I go to bed.

  24. I so believe this although the world definitely tests it on a daily basis.

  25. Amen sister. You discovered another key. I learned this when I went through my divorce. Retribution (aka Karma) is an assured thing. You just have to step back and mind your own business…it really helps you to be fearless.

  26. Oh, yes! I’m having too much fun being me to bother about ‘them’, Carol!

  27. Great attitude and post ♥
    How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.
    Wayne Dyer

    Thank you for sharing and for linking up to the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. xo

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