What happened to Coach?

November 17, 2009

Have you been in a Coach store these days?

Their goods, once my all-time favorite, now look like a cross between Ed Hardy and Versace.

“Garish,” my girlfriend pointed out.

It’s not so much that I don’t like the logo print, which was their first step out into the wild world of new designs.

It’s all the rest of it.

I wouldn’t wear the bag pictured, and many others are even worse. Oddly enough, the line they show in Macy’s is much nicer than what’s displayed in their own store.

I’ve worn Coach’s understated, elegant bags for decades and I still have every single one I’ve ever bought. Except the very first. Now, I have a gift certificate for the Coach store and can’t find a damn thing to my taste.

I guess they’re going for a younger demographic.

But I did see this delectable confection, which looks even better in real life:

It’s made of the softest leather and is the most gorgeous color green.

It’s four times my gift card. And I certainly do not need it. But it was a relief to see something elegant and beautiful on the shelf.

I hope Coach recovers soon from its foray into the dark side. Because I was forced to go to Dillards and buy two pairs of shoes.

But it was my lucky day. I scored a $15 Dillards gift card on an Ecco promotion.

(Raspberry blown to Coach)

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