What happens after we die?

May 3, 2023

after-we-dieHang on, kids. This one’s going to raise some eyebrows. Maybe. You be the judge. Because what happens after we die is a pretty important topic.

Back in 1990 I was hired at a tech company when the head of HR was out of town. Later, as we became friends, and then later married, he told me that his first thought upon seeing me was “Where did SHE come from?” Because he believed he’d known me in another life.

It’s true that we had a special connection. But at the time I didn’t know anything about spiritual connections or past lives.

I had my first regression many years later, in 2016. Turned out, it was quite a surprise.

Between lives regression

It wasn’t a past life regression. It was a “between lives” regression, meant to uncover the purpose of this life and learn about the planning session that went into it. Because I believe (as do many others) we plan this life in advance. Every bit of it. We choose to come to Soul School (Some call it Earth School) to learn lessons to advance our souls.

I understand fully the issues many have with this concept, because it’s difficult to believe we would willingly subject ourselves to disabilities and tragedies. That’s because we’re looking at it with earth eyes, and not the eyes of our soul. It’s always hard to see something out of our usual frame of reference. It’s important to understand that we don’t know what we don’t know. And that’s what an open mind is all about.

To gain insights into the meaning of my current life and in the hands of a skilled regressionist, I ‘traveled’ via hypnosis to the time just before this life, when I was in the afterlife with my spirit guides and team, deciding what my lessons here would be. Travel in this sense means actually having an experience in something other than this life.

I was not an easy subject.

Stepping out of this life can be difficult for some and I am one of them. It can be hard for me to go under and it took a long time—and all of my regressionist’s considerable skills. Which, now that I am a regressionist, myself, makes me an ideal choice for clients like that. Because I know what it takes to let go enough to ‘travel’. And how to get a client there.

Once I got there, my regressionist asked me to describe what I was wearing and the colors. At that point she got pretty excited. She asked me to  describe the scene.

I was with two others sitting around a table.

“I think we are curriculum planning for souls on earth,” I told her with surprise. “We are setting out alternatives, such as ‘if this happens then they could do this’.  Sort of like “if x, then y! But then, someone might say, don’t forget this other option! There’s a lot of laughter and joking around.”

There was much more detail than this–it took a full three hours. My regressionist asked me many questions and probed. Too much to describe here.

And then?

Afterwards, she told me “You have to entertain the possibility that you are an advanced soul on the other side, and yes, are ARE helping souls who want to come to earth plan their lessons. Everything you report leads me to that conclusion, including the way your team is laughing and joking around together. ”  I was puzzled: how could I work in the afterlife, since I live on earth?

Apparently, when we come to earth, a part of our spirit remains in the other realm. We bi-locate. Which sounds odd by earth standards but is perfectly normal in the spirit world. It’s just the way things are.

Of course, her conclusion sounded a little…optimistic…who wouldn’t want to be an advanced soul?

But when my regressionist and I looked at my life on earth, we realized that I have taught college at three different points in my life. Mentoring is something I’ve done often with younger people I know. Still do. Coaching my peers on certain aspects of career and school (and life) has also been a frequent thread. This all relates to what I saw during my regression.

There were also many other lessons laid out that had nothing to do with this, but for me, this was the most interesting “coincidence”.

Because one of the members of my team? Was my late ex-husband. Yup. The same one who thought we’d had a past life together. Well, not exactly!

But life goes on here on earth.

And I mostly forgot about it, until recently, when I read a book by Craig R. Hogan in which he mentioned a medium named Staci Wells. She described this kind of soul planning as being done by teams of advanced spirits on boards with flow charts. I’ll paraphrase from his book, which I’ll cite at the end of this*:

The planning group sits together discussing what the Soul wants to learn and how the event alternatives might lay out, and what the results might be. They evaluate what might happen in the person’s life (If x, then y, just like what I saw in my regression!) The planning group presents great challenges that the person must deal with and overcome to help them learn certain lessons. Of course, the Soul may not be able to solve the challenges the first time. So the team may amend events during their life in Earth School so the challenges appear again. But souls have free will–and can over-ride any of this without fear of judgment.

Of course, reading this rang chimes in my head. Big time. Because this was what I saw during my regression. And I was one of the three doing the planning with the incarnating soul.

The third member is a young person/old soul with whom I am close here on earth.

It was a bit shocking. But. None of this is a surprise. Which is a surprise in and of itself. As many discoveries are.

But is it “literally” true?

When I trained as a regressionist, I asked my excellent instructor “Do you think it’s literally true that I am an advanced spirit working on the other side?” He had the best answer in the world:

“Does it matter?” he asked me. “Why don’t you just act like you are and see what happens.”

People (including me) will differ in their opinions of whether my behavior is that of an advanced spirit all the time. (It most definitely is not. I am a soul in progress, for sure.)

But the level of “coincidences” in all of this certainly raised my eyebrows and was one piece of the puzzle revealing what happens after we die. Which becomes more interesting to me every year I am on earth.

I’ll probably share more of what I’ve learned over the years about this topic. It does not bear any resemblance to what religious institutions believe. It is largely evidence-driven. Because there’s more science and medicine going on about this topic than you know.

How about you? Anything like this ever happen to you?

Oh and also, I really AM a past life regressionist. I also guide people between lives, like the session I first had. I’ve been doing this work since 2017 and now take only a limited number of clients and work exclusively via Zoom. Because there’s no difference to how a regression works, no magic in being in the same room. Same results.

If you’d like to explore if this is right for you, drop me a note at ccassara at gmail dot com. We’ll set up a time to talk about it.

*The book I cited is Reasons for What Happens To You In Your Life and After Your Life by Craig R. Hogan


16 comments on “What happens after we die?
  1. Laurie Stone says:

    Fascinating. Not sure I’m an advanced soul, but certainly a sensitive one, which I’ve been all my life. Cruelty or violence of any kind hurts. Needless to say, this Earth journey has been very difficult.

  2. This is fascinating and I totally believe this. I had past-life regression work done several times many years ago (after a bizarre, eye-opening experience) and the hypnotist taught me how to do it to help others. I’m also big on dreams–certain members of my family who are now deceased come to me this way with messages and so far, everything they have said or warned me about has come true. I have a few friendly spirits that visit me as well. What an amazing time we live in!

  3. I have been reading about and exploring past lives, regression, and other topics since the 1980s. I have one of Dolores Cannon’s tomes on my night stand. I dip in and out because the most important thing this time around is to be present now, and not get lost in the weeds. But it’s always fascinating.

  4. Alana says:

    I am one of those who have trouble with the concept. Not the concept of living more than one life but, rather, the concept of purposely planning for whatever terrible experiences will transpire in your next Earthly life. It could be because of family history. One of my mother’s brothers didn’t emigrate from Austria-Hungary to the United States along with the rest of my mother’s family and he apparently died in the Holocaust. Most of my childhood best friend’s family (German Jews) also died in the Holocaust. The concept that their souls planned exposure to this horror for themselves before that lifetime is difficult for me to even begin to approach.

  5. I was really into all this stuff when I was younger and was obsessed with Seth books and other esoteric pursuits. After I had children, my journey moved more into dealing with the practicalities of life although I have certainly had powerful experiences after dealing with my parents and my two main relationship’s deaths.

  6. Meryl says:

    I am a skeptic, but an open-minded one. As you say – we don’t know what we don’t know.

  7. Lauren says:

    I used to be very black and white, but have become more open and spiritual as I have aged. I thinking losing people I have loved and needing to believe their spirit still surrounds me has helped. It also give me peace that they are not entirely gone.

    • Yes, as we get closer ourselves, we can become more open. For me it is less the need to believe but the discovery of so much evidence that consciousness survives death of the body

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