What I learned this Christmas

December 26, 2013

Jb6SdVMC42m74gkEcc2b04VIEP14c_FoOdZuTUlL4KQFiremen are the hottest of all first responders.

If you smell gas for 4 days, you really should call the fire department and PG&E.

ict_wiki_be_safe_not_sorryJust because your house didn’t blow up, doesn’t mean it couldn’t have.

LH sweet 9 13An elderly dog whose foot gets painfully stuck will bite from pain, even if you are trying to extricate him and he is the nicest dog in the world.

You really don’t usually want to eat at 10pm so you can take your antibiotic. Five nights in a row.

swoll finger

It’s amazing how much you rely on your middle finger of your left hand, especially when it’s swollen and then bandaged up.

3202143767_75187aceca_zPreteen boys can demolish a plate of cannoli in minutes.

Red-Velvet-Mini-Cupcakes-2Red velvet cupcakes from scratch are always better than a boxed mix.


White elephant gift exchanges don’t mean what they did in our day.


That “stealing” a gigantic bottle of vodka makes for a very fine outcome to a white elephant gift exchange. Especially when it’s Kirkland brand, which is actually Grey Goose.

Some of these are actually kids I babysat & now they have their own kids who are growing up, too.

Some of these are actually kids I babysat & now they have their own kids who are growing up, too.

That kids grow up and have kids, and they grow up and will have kids that with any luck I”ll live to see.

friendship_love_and_truthAnd while no one’s life is perfect, including mine,  I am grateful for all of the love and good cheer in my life, so let me call a few of those responsible out by name: Christian, Michele+Bon+Stef+Jen (my sisters from another mother), Marilyn, Joanne, MJR-otherwise known as AL, Helen, Riley, Lee,Soose, Jerri & Bob, Henry the Dog, Patrick, Barbara, Bernie, Ricki, Sheila, Scott, Victor & Barbara, Norm & Jane, Dina, JJ, Laura, Evalyn & Peter, Patty & Rob, Cheri, and Little He. Also those wonderful, fascinating people I’ve met online and through my blog.   It’s always dangerous to call people out by name because you always forget a whole bunch, so to all of you who surround me with love and friendship–thank you!

And especially, to the very best husband a woman could hope to have. You are a rock star in every single way.


11 comments on “What I learned this Christmas
  1. Sounds like a little challenge mixed in with holiday pleasures! Glad everything turned out for the best.

  2. Doreen McGettigan says:

    I have two preteen grandsons and oh my they grew appetites out of nowhere 🙁 No more happy meals for them.
    I learned not to stick my foot in between a pit bull and a terrier.
    Fire fighters, yep!

  3. Boomer Tuber says:

    really sweet post. Good to b reminded of all the things to be grateful for

  4. Absolutely lovely. Happy Happy to you my friend. XXOO

  5. What an interesting day! Good for you for keeping your sense of humor throughout.

  6. Michelle says:

    This is so great! To remember those we love anytime during the year is just the best. Thanks for sharing today at Christmas in July.

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