What if you won the lottery?

May 12, 2011

What if you won the lottery? Big money. I mean, REALLY big money.

What would you do? Jot down your answers before you read mine.

If money were no object, here’s what I’d do:

1. Feed and clothe my local homeless. Give generously to a whole bunch of charities, including many animal rescues.
2. Replace our cars with comfortable, fuel efficient and safe vehicles. One larger, one smaller.
3. Daily in-house trainer for our dogs.
4. Live-in pet sitter and dog poop scooper
5. Household administrator to pay bills, hire contractors and do errands
6. Engage private jets and travel with our dogs and a pet sitter. (Related to #12 and #13.)
7. Finish furnishing the house and buy some art (just a few things).
8. Pay off and give my Pacific Grove condo away to someone who needs a home and can tolerate the board of directors.
9. Nutritionist-chef for us and the dogs. Five days a week.
10. Take my favorite friends on a week-long spa vacation, all expenses paid. Every year.
11. Rent a nearby workout studio and a trainer who would train us at 8:30am five days a week.
12. Rent a place in Manhattan, Seattle, Santa Fe, Maine, Key West periodically, fly the dogs with us in our private jet, also bring the dog trainer, poop scooper and chef.
13. Replace my husband’s computers.
14. Get another dog.

Priorities become clear, don’t they? I just looked at my list. There sure are lot of dog-centered things on it…

So…what if you won the lottery? What would you do? Post your top two or three below in Comments, if you’re willing to share.

2 comments on “What if you won the lottery?
  1. Cheri says:

    If you win, I’ll go with you on a spa vacation! Heck, I’ll be your pooper scooper! 😉

  2. Oh wouldn’t riley LOVE that! Cute pic of you and Chancey!

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