What you put into it

April 24, 2013
Whisk n Ladle, La Jolla, CA
Any cook will tell you that you get out of the pot 
what you put into it.
Drop in fresh, delicious ingredients
and your dish will be delectable.
Anyone engaged in the business of life will tell you
that’s not just a guideline for good cooking.  
It’s also a metaphor for life. 
Just like pots don’t inherently produce a great soup,
if you don’t feed your life things that give it sustenance
it’ll wither.
First, there’s preparation.  Training, education, gaining
skills–these things help you make your living and if 
you’re lucky, fulfill you.
Inspiration and guidance can come from spirituality,
reading, art, music–whatever speaks to you and
reveals important truths you can apply to life.
Love’s an important seasoning, too.
A tiny hand in yours. Arms around you in a warm hug
They give life its flavor.
An empty pot is just that.

We get out of life what we put into it.

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