When hippie chic was new

April 11, 2013
Do you remember these leather bracelets from the 1960s?
They’re everywhere today but back then hand-worked leather bracelets were
a brand new fashion statement.
 And even more amazing: men wore them, too!
I love a man in a leather bracelet,
but alas,
none of the men in my life
have had the same appreciation.
Of course, we women love our embellished leather, too,
and also our tiny beaded bracelets.
Hippie chic is the rage today,
but there was a day when it was
new, revolutionary fashion
and I lived it.
Didn’t we all?
Beautiful beadwork that looks Native American was also a big part
of the Sixties fashion statement.
Except we paid $5 for what is now $175+
and they call it Boho Chic.
Oh, how we loved these beautiful, colorful fabric bags from India,
accented by tiny mirrors that catch the light as they move.
At Boho Chic shop Johnny Was, they’re $155+.
I found some $15 ones years ago at an Italian market
and will probably get at least one even cheaper when we’re in India this fall.
Back then, we were wrapped in colorful scarves, around our necks,
accessorizing our leather jackets
and keeping us warm.
I haven’t lost the taste for these loose embroidered tops, although I have to be careful, being
just a little long in the tooth for girlish styles. This one’s nice, though. But spending
$200 or more for these tops would have been considered shocking back then.
Peasant blouses with lace and embroidery are too virginally girly for me now
but so cute on younger women.
Flowers and prints are characteristic of the era.
I’m not sure I ever saw anything like this back in the day,
but it looks hand-made and precious.
The real thing.


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