When life unravels, make a ball of yarn

June 4, 2013
When life unravels you, make a ball of yarn!

One day last winter, yet another friend was diagnosed.  Name that ailment, they’re all the same, really. Gruesome treatment. Early death.

Yes, yes, I believe in life after life, and yes, you’ve read here on this very blog that I think we should celebrate death instead of grieve it.

But I’m not ready to experience the delights that await me on the other side. Not yet.

I know, who is ever ready?  Very few.

Are you?

Ok so we there we were, somber, talking in the kitchen, a little unraveled, to tell you the truth, and sad.  Then, one of us, I can’t remember which one, (probably me) said, “Let’s go somewhere fun.”

Oh, it didn’t require an exclamation point, because it was more a shared understanding that life was short and we didn’t want to waste a single moment of it.

Travel is our greatest pleasure, we do a lot of it and we do it well. Lucky for me, M likes to travel in style (boy, did I luck out!) and it makes long trips a lot easier to bear.

We ran through a few options…knew that we had to book it after semester end, and after my May girls’ trip to NYC. We picked a city,  looked at the calendar, checked with our petsitter, then emailed our travel agent. Within two hours we had  a plane ticket and hotel reservations for shortly after my return from NYC.

Which is to say we are leaving today for a week in London.  YES! One of my very favorite cities! We even speak the language. Or some version of it, anyway.

Why not? My feeling, exactly.

You’ll still see a daily blog post, no worries.

And while I usually blog from trips (I still can’t believe I blogged every day of our Morocco trip last year), I’m not sure if there will be London content every day. I want to be in the moment, so I might not post until I return. But you’ll see me on social media, I’m sure.

Catch you from across the pond!


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