When opportunity doesn’t knock

August 9, 2012
Ohh, I do love this.
Sometimes, opportunity doesn’t knock.

But we always have the tools at hand to build some kind of door.

My readers are usually sooo quiet.
But today, I’d love to hear
from you.

Maybe you have a friend who’s not seeing that
s/he has the tools and the plans for that door..
…would you share an idea for a door that someone could build?

6 comments on “When opportunity doesn’t knock
  1. Hi Carol,

    We met you at Blogher. We found so many new tools and so many doors already built there. What we
    love to do now is build clubhouse door for middle aged divas, second lifers and all the wonderful women
    we encountered at Blogher. We’ll let you know when we have a FB page for all of us!

  2. Lisa Stearns says:

    I believe that ‘building a door’ starts with imagining that a door could exist ‘there.’ Open the space in your mind and heart and say I could put a door here. The tools you use could be asking a friend or professional for help thinking outside of the box, showing you the place for new opportunities. Or, it might mean making quiet time to allow peace to seep in and still the place that is inhibiting change.

    For most of us building a door means starting really small, and being successful with that first small step.

    Finding Your Voice

  3. Great advice, Lisa. I think that first step is so hard to take and this is a practical way for us to find some propulsion. Thanks!

  4. Caryl & Maryl–definitely ready for that clubhouse door! Taking matters into our own hands has always been my way–glad we met! I think Chicago will be way different–because of that door we’re building together.

  5. Tracie says:

    I imagine that building a door could be quite playful, possibly involving crayons, hula hoops (doors can be round!) and all manner of brilliant colors. So, when the door is finished, it’so inviting you can help but dance through and into the next adventure.

  6. Tracie, I love the idea of dancing through the doorway! LOVE LOVE LOVE the image it conjures up…

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