When the world shows up, hang on to it!

January 25, 2012

In my dream,
the angel shrugged
and said,
if we fail this time
it will be a failure of imagination
and then she placed the world
gently in the palm of my hand.

The world appears in the palm of our hands
more often than we might realize.
Most of the time, we’re just not paying attention
when it shows up.

Or, even if we do notice,
we just can’t seem to get there from here.
We’d rather struggle.
That’s a more familiar feeling and
there’s comfort in familiarity.

A shame, really, to waste our world.
So if it shows up, hang on to it with all your might.
Fight for it, if you must.

It’s worth it.

2 comments on “When the world shows up, hang on to it!
  1. Care says:

    Question Carol: What does that mean, “The world shows up in my hand?”

    I’m being serious as the proverbial heart attack. I don’t think I understand this.

  2. The Storypeople print refers to the fact that opportunities–and gifts from God or the Universe– appear all the time but sometimes we either fail to recognize them or fail to take advantage of them or to make the most of them. Opportunities that are lost. The phrase “he gave her the world” comes to mind. Sometimes we hold ourselves back from from making the most of our opportunities. When I first saw that print years ago I thought about a relationship but it could be anything in your life.

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