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October 11, 2010

So, fall’s here. Every Halloween’s a chance for kids to make memories, isn’t it? In upstate New York, most Halloweens were cold and crisp. The brisk air meant we had to bundle up over our costumes as we dragged our candy bags around the block. It added to the fall feeling. Halloween is a better holiday in colder climes, I think.

We knew so many of our neighbors that our parents had little reason to be concerned that we’d be given something dangerous.

It was a different time.I love this image. It smacks of wholesome fun in a more innocent time. When riding around in a haywagon was big fun, even for adults. When we weren’t so cynical. No one’s checking their Blackberry or letting Foursquare check them in at the Hay Farm or aiming to become the mayor of the cornfield.

October’s also the month for taking the kids out to tramp around in the pumpkin patch to pick just the right one. Then coming home to carve it into a jack o’lantern. Is there anything as gross as pumpkin flesh? Maybe a few things. But I remember that distinctive smell and texture of the discarded vegetable. {And no, we didn’t make pie with it. Mom wasn’t much of a baker and bought our pies.}
We’re in the middle of a move, so we won’t be decorating for Halloween. But we live in a neighborhood now and we expect a full complement of kids on Halloween night. And next year in our new place, probably more.

Whether we decorate or not, Halloween is the marker that confirms that fall is here and cold weather’s coming. So how about a song?

Novelty songs were a big part of holidays in my childhood and this was one. I think you’ll enjoy this video–every little detail is covered. It’s funny and it’s clever. Who DOES this stuff? Enjoy! and happy October! (Click the video twice to bring the full screen up)

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