Ever wonder, “Where am I going?”

February 21, 2018

If you’re like most of us, you’ve wondered about your life direction. Especially if you’re a younger woman. As opposed to midlife or older. Because by that time, well, we’ve got a clue.

But do we, really? My life took a surprising turn in my 60s and there’s a lesson in it for us all, and that is to pay attention.

Remain open to your life’s purpose no matter how old you are or what your circumstances.

Life can turn on a dime, as they say. “They” say other things, too:

The unexpected can happen. 

You never know.

Stranger things have happened.

These are all true of life. I’m not suggesting we sit around and wait for something to happen. I’m saying that it’s smart to be alert for the nuances, the little hints that your direction might be changing. Listen for messages from our higher self.

Or, if we think we’re ready for a change, we might consider pushing it along a bit by doing something affirmative toward that change. Because our higher self doesn’t want us to sit around and do nothing.

Look, I had no idea that I’d start a business in my mid-60s. That I’d train to be a hypnotherapist and past-life regressionist. But I wasn’t paying attention. Because a Facebook “memory” reminded me of something I’d forgotten:  that in 2013 I briefly toyed with becoming an acupuncturist. I have no memory of what my thinking was, but clearly my higher self was presenting me with opportunities to re-look at my life.

Are you listening? What opportunities might your higher self be presenting to you?

And if you’d like some help accessing that higher self, I’d love to talk with you about the possibility of some secular coaching in that direction or even accessing your higher self through a guided spiritual journey. 

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