Dreaming of a white Christmas

December 22, 2016

Camino de Lora/Santa Fe

But dreaming is all I can do.

It’s winter, and this stack of wood outside the Santa Fe home we have rented the past two autumns must be coming in handy to combat the chill of a Santa Fe winter.  We’re not there now, but I can imagine it clearly. As I write, snow showers are forecast for the Santa Fe. Next year we’ll be staying through November and celebrating Thanksgiving in a different rental house situated in a bit of a more rural setting. I’m pretty sure we’ll put the woodpile at our new rental to good use in November. And I do hope it snows: Santa Fe can be lovely in the snow.

Are you going to have a white Christmas? I won’t, I’m sorry to say. Although I was raised in the Snowbelt of the northeast, I’ve spent my entire adult life in sunny climates that don’t get a white Christmas. So unless I visited my parents, my Christmases were always sunny and bright.

And yes, snow is a pain to get around in, it’s messy and problematic, as my husband points out every time I wish aloud for that Bing Crosby-Christmas. For me, though, there’s nothing like a beautiful winter snow to make the world all sparkly and new.

I need a little of that sparkle these days. And the quiet peace of a blanket of snow.

There’s been a lot of noise these past months and a lot of nastiness. The idea of years more of this offensive rhetoric (and worse) disrupting our peaceful lives fills me with despair.

But for just a little while, I stare at this beautiful winter scene and imagine the quiet hush of snow in one of our favorite cities. I picture us toasty-warm in front of the fireplace as soft snowflakes drift down.  And just for a little while, my spirit is soothed.

Want to try? Here you go:



37 comments on “Dreaming of a white Christmas
  1. Lovely! We’re having a white Christmas in Central Oregon, though it’s melt down of a foot of snow crusted with ice from last week. Still, it sparkles in sunlight and makes a fun crunch under our feet! Ho, ho, ho! Not wishing for more snow just yet – it’ll make holiday travel too slow and treacherous. A peaceful white coat for the New Year will be welcome though!

  2. It’s snowing here in Maine as I write this, on top of the 5 – 6 inches we got over the weekend, so it looks like we’ll definitely have a white Christmas. Like you, I love the way the world slows and gets quiet when it snows (until the plows and snowblowers start up anyway). Merry Christmas.

  3. Ellie says:

    it’s been snowing in Vancouver and now the snow is ice mounds on all the sidewalks and curb-sides, I’m hoping for sunshine this Christmas. It’s always so pretty when it’s falling though and I agree there’s a calm, silence that seems to accompany falling snow.

  4. I do miss my East Coast white Christmases since we moved to Southern California. But I do have to say, at this point, I’d rather view those from afar!

  5. Debbie D. says:

    I’d love to send you some of ours! 😛 Plenty of snow, here and that’s actually a rarity in these parts, at least for December. (January to March is prime snow season.) Believe it or not, The area I live in (Toronto suburbs) is known as Canada’s “Banana Belt” because our weather is usually more moderate. Snow flies over us and dumps on Buffalo, but this time, it stopped here first! You are right that it’s pretty and calming when you’re inside looking out. Driving in it or navigating icy sidewalks, not so much. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2017!

  6. Frances D says:

    Lovely Carol. Merry Christmas to all two and four legged members of your household.

  7. Michelle says:

    We often get a white Christmas…but we’re getting a rainy dreary Christmas this year. I don’t mind though. I plan on laying around and watching TV and reading. Rainy days are perfect for that.

  8. I wish we were having a white Christmas but looks like it will be in the 50’s here. That makes a lot of our beach goers happy but I’m more of a snow bird.



  9. Not this year…it is rare in Texas. It will be 75 degrees! I do miss white Christmases!

  10. Well, I left New Orleans to visit my family in Northern Virginia but I don’t think we will get a white Christmas this year either, then I leave for India where it will be hot….so I guess this year is a bust for me too!
    I HATE the cold but I do like the serenity of a white blanket of snow! So peaceful

  11. I’ve always loved winter… the cold, the snow, the warm cup in the morning…. the baking. Everything feels funny when you don’t have snow. We moved from North Jersey to South Florida and it feels odd wearing a skirt to holiday parties and not worrying about putting on leggings.

  12. Around Christmas this is when I I want to be in Minnesota by a fire place drinking hot chocolate on a snowy day.

  13. Nellwyn says:

    There is snow on the ground right now in Toronto and I’m hoping it stays through Christmas! There’s something so magical about a beautiful white Christmas

  14. Love the picture of the wood pile. They are calling for it to be in the 80’s here on Christmas day! I doesn’t seem like Christman when it is so hot around here!

  15. Elizabeth O. says:

    A lot of people hate the winter, especially the snow, but isn’t it calming and peaceful? I love the idea of just sitting by the window watching the snow outside while sipping some hot cocoa! It’s always nice to have a white christmas.

  16. Glenda says:

    I did hear it is suppose to snow in the East Coast for Christmas. I hope it doesn’t snow too much because my I’m suppose to host a brunch for my husband’s family. I love when it snows on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. I hope it snows a little for you too

  17. Daisy Teh says:

    No white Christmas for me I’m afraid. So many people do equate snow with Christmas, but when you live where it doesn’t snow, it’s normal not to have snow at Christmas. It’s nice to look at the pictures of snowy Christmases though.

  18. edira says:

    I live in the equator, so no white Christmas for me either. Wishing you a lovely Christmas 🙂

  19. Cristina L. says:

    I’m dreaming of a white Christmas as well. Happy Holidays.

  20. I live in Florida and I still dream of a white Christmas LOL maybe one day we will visit a snowy place during the holidays and experience how it is when snows.

  21. Elizabeth says:

    An an expat Canadian I do miss a proper white Christmas. We rarely get a white Christmas on the little tiny island midway between Iceland/Norway/Scotland that I live on. This year we’re battening down the hatches for hurricane force winds. Fingers crossed the power stays on long enough to cook Christmas dinner!

  22. Cozying up next to a crackling fire on a snowy day in Sante Fe sounds dreamy. We hope you get your white Christmas.

  23. DogVills says:

    White Christmas is really fun and exciting! Even we hate snow but I found it fun when I watched it through window and sip some coffee.

  24. Krystle Cook says:

    Snow would definitely be nice for the holidays, but it is a wish only. It hardly ever does here!

  25. kelly reci says:

    Asian people are dreaming about white christmas too! We always wanted to! Hopefully we could experience snow next year! Traveling maybe!

  26. Our Family World says:

    I’m having a white Christmas as well. It’s amazing how one picture can let you be so dreamy. Thanks for sharing it!

  27. We’re definitely having white Christmas here where I lived! I think with the snow it makes Christmas so much lovelier.

  28. Amber Myers says:

    I’m in Texas so no, I won’t be having a white Christmas. But I am just fine with that since we are driving to my parents house for dinner!

  29. Samantha says:

    I would love snow! The forecast said there would be but now it says no snow 🙁

  30. Claudette says:

    Have a Christmas Carol! Not h snow yet in Alberta but that can change in 15 minutes!

  31. Lisa Rios says:

    Christmas is so much fun and snow is always the favorite scene to add more special to it. It has started snowing here as well and it is going to be an amazing holiday season ahead.

  32. Nicole says:

    A white christmas was never important to me. I hate snow and being cold. now I live in Socal… so I get a warm christmas haha

  33. I live in Texas so I won’t be having snow but a lot of rain. Lol.

    Isaly Holland

  34. I was hoping we’d have a White Christmas here in South Korea, but unfortunately (or fortunately for some) we did not. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  35. Leigh Borders says:

    I hope one day that we can have a White Christmas. As someone that lives in middle Georgia, we do not see this beautiful white stuff often.

  36. Eugenia says:

    Such a lovely post! I have a white Christmas here in Moscow and Snow White was one of my favorite fairy-tale!

  37. aziel morte says:

    What a beautiful post, I love the ideas of White Christmas and I want this. I miss Christmas season

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