Who are you? What do you do? What did you do?

November 25, 2019

who-am-IWho am I? Who are you? And what do you do? How do you answer those questions?

When I’m asked what I do it’s hard to sum it up into a pithy response. I’m a hypnotherapist, past life regressionist, artisan candle-maker and I offer products for healing and grief. It’s a mouthful.

When I’m asked what I used to do I have a similar issue. I was a PR person, a corporate communications executive, a reputation management consultant who also worked in public involvement and media relations, a college professor, a freelance writer and reporter. A lot. All related, but still, a lot for people to take in.

But when I really consider it, what I am is a writer.

I think like a writer — I am always observing, every minute of every day. I’m watching the action going on around me, a little separate from it but still present. Always writing it in my mind: what it looks like, what it feels like, what it sounds like and so much more. Sometimes I can’t wait to get to my notebook or keyboard to get it all out –out of my head, through my fingers and onto a screen or page.

We writers do like to stand a little apart from the action because it gives us a vantage point from which to observe. Like a wide angle lens, to start, then focusing in on some aspect of what’s happening or another.

It doesn’t mean we don’t have feelings about what’s happening–we’re observing those, too.  It’s even worse when you’re intuitive and an empath because you are also reading everyone’s feelings about what’s happening and even about you. I can tell when someone’s not interested in what’s being said or done, almost the exact moment they tune out.

I know, both a curse and a blessing. I’ve always been this kind of observer with a capital O, even as a child.

So back to my questions:  Who am I? Who are you? And what do you do?

I just told you who I am. So I’m asking about you–how do you answer those questions? If you’d like to share I’d like to hear.

So take a moment and really consider who you are, past the label–and I hope you will share In the comments section. Thank you.



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