Who knows you, baby?

February 17, 2013
You know me inside and out.
Is it possible to know someone that well
or even a good idea?
Yes and yes.
But it’s rare.
Most of us pick and choose how much of ourselves 
we want to reveal to others.
Perhaps a very few close friends have an inside view.
To everyone else?
We present our “public face.”

But my guess is that most people’s deepest thoughts
and especially their secrets
remain buried.

Still, there’s something comforting
about being known
and accepted.

For there being someone in our lives
to whom we can confide our most intimate thoughts.
With whom we can be ourselves.

That safe place is worth all the tea in China.
{Of course, now that China is the lowest cost purveyor,
that’s no longer a lot, right?}

2 comments on “Who knows you, baby?
  1. Bonnie says:

    The hidden parts are often the best parts. My life is such an open book that most THINK they know me better than I no myself.
    If only the knew the truth!

  2. I think the hidden parts are hidden for a reason and should only be revealed to intimates who will treasure their privacy.

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