When we remembered who we are

May 25, 2020

Reverence by Brian Andreas

This is my hope. That what’s going on now will turn the tide for humanity. That we will realize that caring for one another is what’s really important and that we will go forward with that framework. That we remember who we are: interdependent human beings who inhabit this earth together.

That’s what my optimistic side hopes for, even as I see strident people with ugly faces protesting shelter in place. Rushing to open up in denial of science and facts. Unable to see that it’s about protecting one another. That we are all in this together.

That’s why my optimistic side longs for, even as I see the man in charge denying reality and his gullible followers believing every word. Forgiving gaffe after gaffe, so serious it could cost lives. They HAVE cost lives.

The optimistic me wants to live long enough to see a better world come out the other side of this. To look back in awe that we emerged better people. A better nation.

Do  you think we can do it?

Find Reverence by Brian Andreas at FlyingEdna.com. The print is here. The storyblock is here.

10 comments on “When we remembered who we are
  1. We have to do it Carol. Are very survival depends on it. Folks who believe this to be true need to speak up and shepherd the sheep to calmer fields.

  2. laurie stone says:

    Oh, such a battle between optimism and pessimism. I feel hopeful and then read one of his tweets and get depressed. Time will tell, but usually truth prevails. Let’s pray.

    • My key is that I do not read his tweets that often, I do not ever watch a whole news show or even a snippet and I just read WaPo and NYT. There, I can scan, skup but get the gist.

  3. Diane says:

    I see so much ‘humanity’ emerging. It definitely gives me hope. Of course, the selfish or just blind will always grab headlines. But quietly, in the background, I see so much good.
    I pray it stays!

  4. Alana says:

    We’ve seen how ugly people can get. We’ve seen how caring people can get. But history has a way of surprising us in ways we can’t see until years later. I am less optimistic than you but I am also not an optimist by nature. There have been other pandemics in history, and good and bad have come out of them. I have not done an exhaustive study but one example comes to mind. I am not sure, for example, that the indigenous Native Americans saw good out of smallpox wiping out so many of them, and events that followed. I hope you are right for us, though.

  5. Ellen Burgan says:

    It’s a choice each person gets to make for themselves. I’m on a fearless path and making every day count.

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