Whoopi Goldberg on rape: out of touch

November 19, 2014

Jx42RqgYou may remember my blog post two weeks ago about Bill Cosby, HERE.

The story has progressed.

More women have come out and charged that he raped them. Well, drugged and raped them.

Bill Cosby’s machine is in full spin cycle, which means that he is “not dignifying charges with a response.”

Uh huh.

And now, Whoopi Goldberg has opened her mouth, opining that she is skeptical of charges against him. Whoopi Goldberg on rape is something to behold.

Recall that Whoopi also opined that a 43-year-old man sodomizing an unconscious 13-year-old girl was not really “rape-rape.”  Which is, apparently, different than “rape.”  Seriously?

Uh huh.

Now, she’s talking about the women who have come forward with stories of Cosby’s non-consensual style of sex.  In the real world, we call that rape, Whoopi. Just so you know. Because you seem pretty out of touch.

HERE is what she said.

Now, I get where she’s coming from. Celebrities are often victimized by rumors that aren’t true.

And I’m sure there are crazy women who would come forward with fake rape charges. It’s happened.


Far too many women have come forward for it to be a fluke. Or crazy behavior.  Far too many.

What sane woman would make these allegations just for publicity?  What sane woman would risk the vilification and the kinds of silly skepticism that these women are facing unless it were true?

And, as you know from my previous blog post on the subject, I, myself, talked to two women he propositioned. These were random conversations, one recently and one 25 years ago.

From the multitude of charges and their similarities, Cosby appears to be a rapist.

Whoopi, on the other hand, appears to be completely out of touch.

Cosby should keep his pecker in his pants and his hands to himself.  He should stand trial for these accusations. It’s true that in our country people are innocent until proven guilty. I hope that the statute of limitations hasn’t run out so he can face the accusations in a court of law. Although I think  we’re more likely to see settlements, because I believe the accusations are true.  He’ll say that he doesn’t want to put his family through a trial and all that publicity. But I won’t believe it for a minute. I didn’t spend more than a decade in reputation management for nothing.

Whoopi should shut her mouth because what’s coming out of it is making her look stupid and out of touch.  She needs her own reputation management counsel. I can say with certainty that given her views on rape I now look at her differently and I’ll bet others do, too. She’s fast becoming a polarizing person and that can’t be a good thing for an entertainer.

And you? What do you think about all this?


53 comments on “Whoopi Goldberg on rape: out of touch
  1. I agree with you, but I also do see how a celebrity who has been victimized by untrue rumors may be leary of jumping on board. Though, the amount of women who have come forward seem to suggest more than just a rumor. And the machine that is most likely protecting Bill Cosby, as well as keeping him stocked with young women is just as at blame.

    I have never known anyone who had a problem with Mr. Cosby, but when I was reading a recent article I remembered a friend of mine who was a model with one of the top agencies. We were supposed to go to a movie one night and she canceled because she had been invited, along with a bunch of other girls from the agency to a party where Mr. Cosby would be. At the time it seemed like a great opportunity to network, but as the allegations have come forward it really has a horrible odor to it. Let me be clear, my friend never had a problem nor did she speak of anyone who did. But if these charges are true (and I believe that they are) it would seem that it’s not just Mr Cosby who is at fault but the whole system that most likely knew. And it’s not just in the entertainment industry. If it’s going to change it’s going to be women who are going to have to say enough. Thank you for writing about it.

    • It’s hard for women to come out–because of this kind of response. No one wants to be humiliated and doubted. It takes great courage for women to step up. It’s men who have to say “enough” but they are strangely silent.

      • Michael F. Harris (@mfhy2k) says:

        The problem is rich men in power are silent. Many of us that aren’t in power agree what he and others have done is wrong and speak up. When we do speak up the followers of these influential rapists talk you down until no one listens to you.

  2. Having grown up watching the Cosby show, I’m in shock, Carol. But then if it’s true, it’s true and shame on him.
    I’ve read Whoopi’s statement before and wondering how far we can let loyalty get in the way of truth.
    Today is World Day For Prevention of Abuse and Violence Against Children Day and I’m glad you are adding your strong voice to this issue!

  3. I think Whoopi should keep her mouth shut until all the facts are discovered and a fair and impartial judgement (are there such things anymore?) is delivered. We’ll probably never know the truth, only hearsay. But I can’t stand when celebrities feels they know more than the justice system or the fans do. The media will whip us into a frenzy. Once again.

  4. CARLA says:

    ((nothing more to add as my JAW HAS DROPPED so I caint speak))

  5. Sara Brady says:

    I understand Ms. Goldberg wanting to tread carefully and defend her friend, however, she did something similar for her buddy Mel Gibson when was arrested on drunk driving charges and where he made his antisemitic rants. Ms. Goldberg said it was the alcohol and that Mel was a great guy and didn’t hate the Jews. But here’s how that works per the deputy I’m married to and who served in law enforcement for 37 years and who has seen way more than his far share of drunks — all over consumption of alcohol does is bring out what’s already there. A mean drunk is mean when they’re sober; a jew-hater hates when sober and drunk…like Mel. And Ms. Goldberg was ACTIVELY protective of Mr. Gibson. So I cut her slack for being a good friend, but maybe the smartest thing she should have done was to say, he’s my friend I am going to stay out of this.

  6. Donna says:

    sadly too many women care what whoopi and Rosie think. I enjoy conversation from critical thinkers. People who are eager to engage all angles of an issue. Rosie and whoopi stopped being relevant for me a long time ago. Celebrities rarely make good critical thinkers, some, but not many. And very few good critical thinkers make for good tv. We need to trust ourselves and wean ourselves off of other people’s opinions. Here are the facts we know, women have come forward to finally cleanse themselves of a horrible experience. One gave another courage…they are all middle aged now and will not benefit from anything except some closure. And for anyone who has been wronged in any way from rape to simply being cheated on a business deal, the pattern is the same. Closure. I am sure there are a great any women not coming forward because they feel they were stupid. As for Whoopi and Rosie? I think you have freed up another hour in your day.

    • I agree with you about their relevance to us. To US. But all these comments celebs make feed the media machine and sometimes reinforce the old ideas about rape being women’s fault, celebrities being taken advantage of, etc. Most people do not think critically, they believe what they read. There is more at stake here than just this issue, celebrities or even just closure. Rape is a crime of violence that should not be tolerated. When anyone tolerates it or makes statements that sound like they do, THEY should be vilified, not the victims. This is an opportunity and our response to it as a society says a lot.

  7. Michelle says:

    You’re right…too many women are coming forward for this to be a fluke.

    I think Whoopi needs to re-examine her beliefs. Rape-rape is worse than just rape? What the hell is rape-rape anyway?

  8. Carolann says:

    Totally true and right on Carol. I know a woman personally that told me over 30 years ago that she slept with him too! I totally believe all the claims against him. As far as Whoopi goes…she does need to shut her mouth on this one!

  9. I do think that the accusations should be taken seriously and investigated. I am not an attorney or a judge or a psychiatrist or a clergy member or a divine being, so I am not equipped to pronounce him a rapist. Nevertheless, I think that dismissing 14 women as lying, money-hungry, fame seekers is too superficial of a response.

  10. Whoopie’s opinion on anything is out of touch.

  11. I’m shocked that she would betray her sisterhood this way. She’s acting as badly as the politicians she herself has criticized who have belittled rape with expressions like “legitimate rape.” Shame on her.

  12. pia says:

    I would love to believe her.
    When I first heard the rumors about Bill Cosby years ago I refused to believe them. But now there are so many. And that’s scary. I don’t want an innocent man punished but….

  13. K. Lee Banks says:

    I think it’s difficult to believe about Bill Cosby–it’s like we don’t really WANT to believe it–because as others have said, many of us grew up watching the Cosby Show and his comedy routines. We’re accustomed to THAT image of the man–not, apparently, the man he was in private, personal life. Very sad if in fact all these allegations are true. Reminds me of what happened with Tiger Woods!

    And really, there have been far too many public figures recently–from actors to athletes to politicians–trying to reinvent the meanings of violations like rape, domestic abuse, child discipline, and more–and defending those who commit these kinds of acts!

  14. Mary says:

    I am still shaking my head! A family member very close to me, who had a “toe” in the business had said some very unkind words about Bill Cosby many years ago. Seems he was right! …and Whoopi, she needs to keep her mouth shut if she wasn’t there! Too many people who don’t have minds of their own hang on her every word!

  15. Janie Emaus says:

    It’s hard for me to believe, but I know it’s true. As for Whoopi, what business is this of hers?

  16. Karen says:

    This seems eerily similar to the Jian Ghomeshi case that’s been happening here in Canada–and as always, apologists are saying, “But why didn’t (all these women) come forward sooner?” As though it’s just a question of announcing to a sympathetic police officer, “I was raped by a famous person. Please go arrest him.”

    The hashtag #BeenRapedNeverReported is a graphic illustration of this. Millions of women around the world began to reveal their own sexual assaults, along with the reasons they didn’t tell anyone: fear of being disbelieved, fear of being put on trial themselves, fear of being judged, fear of being accused of asking for it….

    As far as Cosby, the sheer volume of accusations against him seems to point to the need for investigation. And Whoopi should keep her teeth together to avoid looking even more foolish than she already does.

  17. Nothing that comes out of her mouth shocks me. She also defended Mel Gibson and Alec Baldwin. Zero respect. Z-e-r-o.

  18. Diane says:

    We’ve been riding the horrified shame wave with one of our (formerly) beloved Canadian icons these past few weeks. I can’t for the life of me imagine anyone making up these types of allegations. Despite advances, we still live in a world where the woman is vilified for making such a charge. I therefore tend to believe them. Each and every one. And then the thought of someone using his fame to objectify and assault women. It makes me so angry I could just . . . Okay. best that I not go there. Grrrrrr…

  19. I remember Goldberg saying what Polanski did was ok because he was French and it’s a different culture there. What a joke. How is drugging a 13 year old an anally raping her ok anywhere? I lost every bit of respect for her after that. I disregard her comments on everything.

    She is pro celebrity and against anyone that isn’t one of the better people.

    That’s a culture that needs to end.

  20. Lana says:

    Sometimes I wonder if Whoopi makes these comments just to stay relevant since that’s the name of the game in Hollywood. I lost respect for her many years ago. Too many stories, too many women coming forward for this not to be true, and it appears there are many more. I’m so sorry for all these women, and sorry that they have to endure the doubts.

  21. Kim Tackett says:

    Oh, disturbing on so many levels. Power…rape is about power used for evil. It’s not forgivable. This is why we need to listen to the women who have come forward. How dare we ignore them.

  22. Kim Phillips says:

    What’s been sort of interesting to me in all this, aside from the he-said-she-said, defending convicting him, shaming/supporting her, is the “America’s Dad” idea. While everybody’s been gasping, “Oh, no, not him, he’s so NICE,” I never bought it. He played that character on his show, but if you’ve ever seen him in an interview, he comes off as a creepy, rambling, un-funny control freak. I grew up listening to his comedy albums and they were okay (gimme the Borscht Belt guys any time) but he hasn’t been funny since the 60s. He did skits and acts and shows with writers, and it’s time to separate his various personae from his actual character. Cosby has been tried and convicted in the media but, last time I checked, the burden of proof is on the accuser. I totally understand why women don’t come forward, especially when they are young and the perv is famous. Our puritanical society is going to blame the woman, often, and he can afford great lawyers. I get it. Don’t hang him yet, except for being a shitty comedian. For that, we have hard, cold evidence.

    • I completely agree that he isn’t funny. But fact is, we won’t have hard, cold evidence because these charges go back a long time. If the statute of limitations runs out, we may have criminal charges. Or he may pay off the women as he did one woman earlier. There is no way he can go to trial. No way. But he’s already been punished as two shows he had in development are now no longer in development.

  23. Everything about the situation just hurts my head and heart… and is one of those toxic sorta things I tend to stick my head in the sand to avoid hearing details about. Sure, not the proper response, but with so many others discussing it, there’s certainly no need for me to.

  24. As a woman who has been raped and a woman who worked many years as an advocate for sexual assault victims I believe Whoopi should be quiet. I have not given her one second of my time for several years now because of her ridiculous views.
    That said, I understand why they don’t, but if women would start reporting the crime of rape when it happens and sticking with the prosecution along with the help of the many support agencies available to them at the time the assault happens it would end this ridiculous practice of waiting decades to ‘come out.’
    I think the practice of public shaming and slamming is dangerous. I think these days if we don’t like a decision, a law, a comment, another persons views we can quickly find others that side with us and in a matter of hours we can ruin someone’s life whether they deserve it or not.

  25. Ruth Curran says:

    The whole thing makes me so sick. I can’t believe that, today, in 2014 are still talking about rape not really being rape-rape…. Sickening and needs to stop. I just have no more words…

  26. Jackie says:

    Nonconsensual sex is rape. Period. That’s where I stand on this.

  27. Carol Graham says:

    When I first heard this, I found it difficult to believe. Then I started to believe it but wondered why the women took so long before they reported it. I still have a problem with that. I was a rape victim decades ago so my emotions are mixed on this subject. What good is it to bring it up now? There is a part of me that wonders if the women are enjoying the publicity. However, I don’t excuse Mr Cosby for one second — he should have been stopped a long time ago.

  28. I am shocked by it of course but this happens so much more frequently than people realize. I wonder if you put 25 women in a room how many would admit to being sexually assaulted by a man, usually a friend or family member. It’s a shame that our victims go through so much hell, it’s a shame that there are 40,000 rape kits sitting somewhere that never see the light of day and it’s a shame that people keep their own heads in the sand about it. Women keep quiet because of things just like this. Oh it may not be on national TV like this but there are preachers, teachers, police officers anyone in a place of authority who uses their position to violate women. We need to teach our daughters to scream for bloody murder and our sons to keep their damn hands to themselves! Great article Carol!

  29. I so agree. I’ve been apalled at Whoopi’s comments for a while now. I would like to say she should know better, but as she constantly says on the show, she doesn’t care. And, obviously she doesn’t know better. This attitude from anyone but another woman is dangerous.

  30. emma says:

    She is pro celebrity and against anyone that isn’t one of the better people.

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