Why couldn’t he have been different?

July 22, 2012
Why couldn’t he have been different?
It was a plaintive question,
heartbreaking and not uncommon.
Lover, spouse, sibling, friend, even child–
people will fail to meet our expectations,
to be the person we wish they could be.
It’s hard, sometimes, to accept
that people can only be who they are:
flawed and pockmarked,
 and imperfect.
There’s that word again:
Sounds good in theory 
but so hard to put in practice.
But,  here’s the truth:
we can rail away at the way things are, 
the way someone is, 
tilting at windmills like Don Quixote,
but it won’t change a thing.
It’s a recipe for heartbreak
and constant disappointment.
Because people can only be who they are.
Loving acceptance is the best path.
 And that’s the key to happiness.

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