Why Twisted Family Values should be your next fun read

September 3, 2019

twisted-family-valuesThe author had me at the title. I thought my family was twisted. But this one? Made mine look normal!

With privilege comes amazingly twisted flaws, and also the strange tone-deafness of the entitled–and this novel’s characters really bring those factors to the forefront. Which makes it fun reading. It moves quickly, it’s sweet, it’s ultimately relatable and yes, some of the characters’ behavior is absolutely cringe-inducing, especially as they begin to come undone. So to speak. But that’s exactly why it’s a fun, escapist read! Plus the author really is a master at dialogue (and I’m a sucker for witty banter!)

If you’ve ever known someone whose life objective is to “keep up appearances”….you’ll get this book. Also if you’ve ever noticed conflict between being family and being friends… you’ll relate. Oh heck–it’s got everything from family scandal and messiness to the deep love that we wish were part of every family. It’s sexy, it’s funny, it’s a little tiny bit shocking…. and it moves well over several decades.

Yes, a twisted family, but in a fun way, at least for us readers. I am a fan of Chickering’s witty work and this book reinforced that. I meant to review it before summer so I could say it’s a beach read, but it sat on my bedside table too long. Now that I’ve read and enjoyed it, and with fall almost here, I recommend it for a lazy weekend.

Check it out!  And yes, this image below is an affiliate link.

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