Winter path to the unknown

March 23, 2013
This reminds me of a narrow, tree-lined road in Big Sur that I once took 
at the beginning of one of the grand adventures of my life.
Yes, wrong season, wrong part of the country 
but the promise of what might be at the end of the road 
is the same.
I’ve settled into the autumn of my life 
and the adventures are quite different now: 
new cultures, foreign lands–not the unfamiliar territory of my youthful “life.”
I was reminded of that when talking to a woman friend, 
my age, who may find herself out of a job while entering the dating world 
for the first time in three decades.
While some women shrink in fear of change, 
she’s looking at the potential for new experiences.
“Besides,” she told me, “what can I do about it?”
Well, that’s the thing. 
There are other options. 
You can pull the covers over your head and hide.  
Or retreat to the familiar.
You can protect yourself with denial.
Or you can embrace the possibilities that new roads offer.

2 comments on “Winter path to the unknown
  1. Graciewilde says:

    I am somewhat enamored with those wilder days of a younger life but I know enough to look at these days with some appreciation too. I can give myself credit for learning a few things along the way, including the value of being curious about new adventures.

  2. Gracie, boy, do I hear you!

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