Best Boomer reading for a shivery-cold week

February 3, 2019

Some crazy weather this past week, no? I hope everyone is safe and warm. It’s the Best of Baby Boomer Blogs today, and I’m lucky enough to have a broad range of topics to offer in this week’s selection of winter reading. So enjoy!

The Boomer Time Machine

Here’s one you’ll like: What brands do you remember growing up with as a child? Barry Silverstein has written a book that documents Boomer Brands that shaped our childhood. Rebecca Olkowski with writes a review and reminisces about the products she remembers way back when.

South America or Bust!

Travel everywhere is high on Meryl Baer of Six Decades and Counting’s bucket list. For the first time she ventures to South America, and this week offers her first impressions of the land of gauchos (cowboys!) and the city nicknamed the Paris of South America – Argentina.

All about Self-Care

Jennifer of Unfold and Begin is still up to her ears in moving and new job stuff, which means that self-care is even more important. In Are You Ready to Love You, Jennifer shares her February Calendar of Love as she continues along the path of extreme self-care.

Advice on Saving Some Bucks

Tom, of Sightings Over Sixty, is visiting his sister in Florida, who is a self-proclaimed cheapskate. Maybe for that reason the topic of saving money came up. So for this week’s post he shares some of their ideas in Saving Money in Retirement. Take a look … it’s free!

Consumer Warning on Fruit Juice and Kids’ Consumption of it

On The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, Rita R. Robison, consumer journalist, writes about a Consumer Reports’ investigation that finds unacceptable levels of heavy metals in some fruit juices. Consumer Reports encourages parents to limit children’s exposure to heavy metals in fruit juice by limiting how much fruit juice they drink. Parents should also limit their children’s consumption of other foods high in these toxins, such as rice and rice products, chocolate, and sweet potatoes.

Set Healthy Boundaries

As for me, I’m offering the first in a short series on establishing healthy boundaries and setting limits. Enjoy the winter reads!


2 comments on “Best Boomer reading for a shivery-cold week
  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for sharing. Such a wide variety of posts this week.

  2. Love the posts this week. They’re all great!

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