Wisdom from the BlogHer conference

August 4, 2011

How did I get here?

It seems like I looked up one day and
out of nowhere my seventh decade
was staring me in the face.
(No, I’m nowhere near 70, count again!)

I look around at women in their 30s and 40s
and I don’t feel very different from them.
Just like my friend who’s 80 probably thinks
she isn’t much different from me.

And she isn’t.
When I look at her, I see a peer.
I also see wisdom.

And one thing today’s done for me
is help me see my own wisdom.

So many of the women who spoke
up today during conference discussions had
a major issue with self-esteem.
We elders looked at each other and commented
that it seemed sad.
For us, those issues went away a long time ago,
if ever they existed.

I’ve had a long and fulfilling career.
I’ve done almost all the things I really wanted to do.
I’ve lived a life of love, surprises and yes, seasoned with plenty of disappointment.
All way stations on the way to whatever wisdom I’ve gained.

Now that I see some of my own wisdom clearly,
the question is:
what do I do with it?

Maybe that’s the biggest thing I’m getting
out of today’s conference sessions:
the realization that I’m not sure what I want to do
or even IF I want to do something
other than finish the memoir.

If I were younger, yes,
perhaps I’d want to build a media empire of some sort.
But I’m not younger.

Retiring early has been a blessing
that I’m not about to give up.
And writing the book is definitely happening.

And yet, could I be done contributing to society?
Is it time for me to withdraw completely into my personal life?

I expected to learn new skills in San Diego.
I did not expect discussions the first day to hit on such a core issue.

Time for some soul searching.

4 comments on “Wisdom from the BlogHer conference
  1. Sidney says:

    Your line breaks are well-chosen, as is your topic.

    I cannot wait to see what tomorrow holds for us. I meant both at BlogHer ’11 and life in general.

    Nice post. Thanks.

    *Oh. Please don’t retreat; it’s time to reemerge more than ever. Young people need mentors.

  2. Thanks so much,Sidney, for stopping by and for the encouragement. 😉
    So glad we met today! See you tomorrow.

  3. Judi says:

    I felt the same way at the BlogHer conference today. You captured my feelings exactly. Hope to see you at the Boomer Bloggers discussion tomorrow.

  4. Thanks, Judi. I’ll be there! We’re a whole different category altogether, aren’t we?

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