Women becoming cyborgs

April 23, 2010

There seems to be a disturbing trend afoot: women are paying good money to look like cyborgs. Or worse. I mean, those unnatural lips are bad enough, but did she have to call even more attention to them by outlining them in dark lipstick then painting them pale pink? Could she think this is attractive? She looks outlandish.

Priscilla Presley was always a beautiful woman. Remember her from years ago? Just gorgeous.

But in the quest to remain young well into her 60s, she had bad plastic surgery and ended up looking like this.

Here’s the deal: we get old. Fact. Trying to look 30 again is a dangerous game.

It’s hard to explain who Holly Madison is if you don’t know, but she became a public figure when she was Hugh Hefner’s #1 live-in girlfriend and was featured in the TV program, The Girls Next Door. She’s leveraged her 15 minutes of fame into a gig as burlesque performer in Las Vegas. Originally, she was an attractive young woman. But after plastic surgery, she looked, well, plastic.

Another faux celebrity is Heidi Montag. Heidi became a celeb during her time on the TV show, The Hills. She was a cute girl.

But she recently had a ton of plastic surgery. Doesn’t she look like Holly Madison now?

It’s kind of stunning to realize that women are becoming cyborgs. And they’re beginning to look alike– they all resemble wax mannequins.

Or, aliens. Who could forget the classic cat lady, below. Who at one time, looked normal.

What is wrong with these women? What kind of message are we sending young women? Very disturbing.

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