World on fire: what you can do to help

October 21, 2023


The entire world is on fire, whether you realize it or not. Many are suffering physically and emotionally. People you know … as well as many you do not know.

Here’s what you can do to help:

Reach out.

If you have not checked in with Jewish or Palestinian friends, now is the time. A simple “Thinking of you.” “I’m here for you.” That’s all it takes. You can do it in an instant. A call. A text. An email. Simple. Please do it now. Reach out.

Why? Because they are in pain. Because they are at risk. Let’s not forget the Tree of Life synagogue slaughter. Ever.

Some of my closest friends are Jewish–and that’s been true since childhood. My husband was the first non-Jewish partner in a 147-year old Jewish law firm on Wall Street. We are inextricably linked to our Jewish friends and colleagues. One of our closest neighbor-friends is Palestinian. They are suffering, too: remember, terror is not a liberation movement. All Palestinians are not terrorists.


If you can give money to humanitarian aid organizations that are sending help, please do. I have not vetted these, but they are serving the area impacted by current horrific events: (click, they are live links)

International Committee of the Red Cross

Doctors without Borders

United Nations Relief and Works Agency

Jewish Agency’s Fund for Victims of Terror

Palestine Children’s Relief Fund

Please do help.

May peace envelop us, and soon.

One comment on “World on fire: what you can do to help
  1. Diane says:

    Thank you for this, Carol! I’m just so saddened for this world…

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