World-class worrying

June 30, 2017


I come from a line of world-class worriers. So I’ve spent a good bit of time, myself, worrying, anxious about everything from airplane travel and terrorism to getting sick, something happening to loved ones or some other life catastrophe.

Does this sound familiar?

But as the years passed I realized that all the worrying I did  wasn’t going to change anything: not the situation and not the outcome. And in fact, worrying is a big waste of time.

So I stopped worrying and learned other ways to handle my anxiety. Natural ways.

Our anxiety-fighting downloadable audio is an affordable way to help handle your anxiety. Without drugs.  It’s also good for insomnia. Listen to it daily for 2 weeks and see what happens. That, and all our products and services, including beautiful gift ideas for friends who are sick or grieving, can be found at A Healing Spirit.




28 comments on “World-class worrying
  1. Diane says:

    I, too am a world-class worrier. Thank you for your help, kindred spirit!

  2. Jasmine says:

    Oh! I worry too much. And it usually depresses me. There was a time the i considered talking to a psychologist about it. As I advance in age, I am gradually learning to worry less.

    The first thing I ask myself when I find myself in a “worrying” mood, is “WHY”? If I can’t answer the why, the the whole worry isn’t justified, making it easy to move on.

    If I am able to come up with a reasonable “WHY”, then I move on to “What’s the worst that could happen?”

    This is usually where I find the antidote to the anxieties and worries.

    I read a book last year titled “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*CK”. It’s a good read, and I will really recommend it to people that are usually anxious or worried about every little thing.

  3. I worry a lot too, infact I have spent years in CBT to try and cope with my anxiety but nothing seems to help. I love this quote and I can see that it is true, but I am still unable to stop worrying.

  4. Jennifer says:

    So many people worry about so many things. Especially in this political climate. This comes at the perfect time.e to help.

  5. Hi Carol! You KNOW I believe this don’t you. Good for you for offering a gift to all of us. ~Kathy

  6. I think we are all fall into the worrying trap from time to time. Logically we know that it doesn’t help the situation, particularly where we would be powerless to do anything about it. But it is a concern for many nonetheless, so what you have suggested certainly sounds like it could make a positive difference to many people.

  7. It’s so hard to switch off and not worry! It’s something I’ve been working on really hard lately because as you say, worrying doesn’t change the future

  8. Debb says:

    Sounds like a helpful alternative. It’s not easy for anyone to just stop being a worrier, they need help and that’s exactly what you are offering. Thanks Carol.

  9. Jen S says:

    I’m glad this works for you. However, please don’t belittle true clinical anxiety by assuming that saying “stop worrying because it’s ineffective” is helpful. As someone who has dealth with panic disorder before, trust me, I know worrying isn’t helping anything 😉

  10. Linda Hobden says:

    I can be a real worry guts at times but I am slowly learning to control any feelings of panic. What has been a great help was to learn how to breathe properly as well as reading encouraging posts from fellow anxiety sufferers. You are a great inspiration too Carol – I always feel calm reading your blog. ????

  11. Made adayasa says:

    Worried with what will happen is a humanizes. We all have that but doesn’t stop me to do anything that I suppose to do . To be worried is important to us to be more careful . I always believe we can’t stop the universe rules . So feeling worried also can’t stop me from doing something .

  12. kelly reci says:

    I suffer from anxiety last year and that kills me! lol. I believe that someone to talk to can help you get away from anxiety!

  13. Neha Saini says:

    To worry is human. And to worry for others and all is humane. A world-class-worrier such as yourself seems to have a very big responsibility of having worried about each and everything that may be faced by the humans in the next upcoming decades. What you’re doing is noble and I’m thankful to you.

  14. Ania Travels says:

    Ah yes good ol anxiety. I suffered from anxiety for a very long time so I can totally relate. I’ll look into your program 🙂

  15. Czjai says:

    Thanks for sharing the link! I’ll recommend this to a friend who needs it. 🙂

  16. Scott says:

    I think some level of worry is necessary. But you’re right, too many of us worry about things we have no control over.

  17. Liza Perry says:

    Im such a big worrier! Always scared of what May happened ????When Its too strong I usually try to breath slowly with my stomach till it goes away.

  18. Tiara Wilson says:

    Sounds like this is for me. I am such a worry wort. I really need to calm down and not be so worried about everything in life, however I am. I know, I try and forget and ease my mind sometimes, but it’s not easy.

  19. Thanks for this post. I worry too much about silly things I shouldn’t be worrying about,

  20. Melanie May says:

    Mindfullness is wonderful for helping to recognise your thoughts, acknowledging them and then letting them pass. It is a very simple way to help reduce anxiety.

  21. margarette says:

    Aw thanks for sharing. This will help me a lot since I never remember any day that I wasn’t worried. All these days, I’m stressed.

  22. Alice says:

    Battling with your mind is really hard.Everything will be alright just pray.

  23. I think our anxiety comes out of our fear of what could happen in the future. But it’s always negative which is bad. And you are definitely right. It cannot change anything.

  24. I feel for those dealing with anxiety, I have gone through it myself and it is not a fun place to be.The constant worrying, sometimes with out a reason even. Thanks for sharing this post, helps to bring awareness.

  25. Eileen says:

    If worrying was a business, my name would be on the Forbes’ List of Richest People. I worry a lot, sometimes it gets to a point that I cry for no apparent reason, and my worry is not justified. My husband says all I need is a good full night’s rest for 7 consecutive days. I think it is more than that. I will have to try that downloadable audio. Maybe that would help.

  26. Elizabeth O says:

    There is a side of me that worries about everything and another side that reasons with me to let it go… I always have to remind myself that worrying never changes a damn thing but, taking carefully thought out action does. 🙂

  27. Victoria says:

    I don’t really worry that much, per say…. I’m more cynical, for lack of a better word. I think about how something could go wrong and convince myself that it will go wrong to avoid disappointment. Needless to say, it’s depressing.

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