It’s a WTF kind of world

October 16, 2014

WTF post it cropped

It’s a WTF kind of world. 

You know what I mean.

WTF seems to be the only response to some of the things that happen in our world.

A journalist gets beheaded.


An airplane completely disappears without a trace.

A beloved funnyman takes his own life.

The Gaza Strip.

Joan Rivers’ death.

Sometimes, all we can do is ask, WTF?

Because absolutely none of it makes sense.

None of it.

We feel helpless, too. It’s not like we  know an action we take to make it better.  There isn’t one. We can’t do a thing.

Maybe generations to come will look back on us and say, “yeah, that 21st century. It was a WTF era.”

I hope by then there will be solutions to all the  horrific things that ail our world.  The kind of solutions that don’t require guns and bombs and violence.  It seems almost too much to ask for.

But ask for it, we must. Pray for it, even.

Meanwhile, I saw these little pads being marketed everywhere.

So, if someone gave you a set of WTF notes, what would you do with them?

WTF pad vertical

18 comments on “It’s a WTF kind of world
  1. Ebola, AK 47’s being allowed to go into Kroger and Target with their people. Add them to the list.

  2. I concur. And, with Karen’s comment about the AK 47s and ebola above. But on the other side are the things like Malala and Universal health care and the ever growing awareness and acceptance of diversity in our world. I’m a Libra so always see both sides. If someone gave me a WTF notepad, I’d probably be using it EVERY day. 🙂

  3. Tammy says:

    Too many things to list…right now, as a supervisor of adults who should know better, there are many times I just want to look at them at yell WTF!

  4. So very much makes my heart want to scream WTF!? All those above, and things closer to home and family, as well. If I received such a notepad, I believe I’d be using it to bonk numbskulls on the head, not for jotting notes. At least those numbskulls within bonking distance.

  5. I am a bit of a control freak and I have trouble managing my anxiety. When things get really bad, I flip into “zen” mode. So when I am calm, peaceful and quiet, my friends and family members know that I’ve actually moved through total hysteria and into an artificial reality–for me. It would be easier on my mind-body-soul if I just started with the zen. But somehow I have to go through the wild gesticulations and shrieking first. Hang in there, all.

  6. I’m afraid that WTF notepad would set off endless lists of rants for me! The whole world definitely feels kind of crazy now.

  7. Now might this stand for What the Flow or something else?

  8. Michelle says:

    I would probably use them to leave nonsensical notes on peoples desks…but that’s just me. 🙂

  9. Great, thought provoking post. I pray for these things every night and sometimes even ask God WTF. Your WTF pad made me think of the gratitude journal I keep to be more conscious of my blessings. Perhaps a WTF journal isn’t such a bad idea.

  10. Mary says:

    I could use a WTF note pad! It would help me to write down all the things I shake my head at and silently scream WTF!…then I could get on with my day!

  11. OMG, this is really something. Too much evil going on in the world. I’d surely fill this pad talking about it all.

  12. WendysHat says:

    So true. This generation definitely does have a lot for us to be shocked about and I am constantly shaking my head in disbelief but never said the other acronym because I don’t swear. I keep hoping that things will get better in the world but am left wondering what happened to the good old simpler times.

  13. donna says:

    Hmmm? What would I do with a notepad that has “why the face” on it??? Not too sure ;0).

  14. I actually figured that is what the next generation would be called! I hope they are post its then I could just put one on my forehead and feel right with the world.

  15. I would use that pad over and over. May I also add that no one does their job anymore? No one gives a sh%t – I hate that. I want people to care more and not be so selfish. Thank you for caring and all the rest of the comments were right on.

  16. Roz Warren says:

    Excellent post. You’ll find me cowering under the bed until all of this blows over.

  17. WTF? The people who really care about getting the job done are not the ones promoted into leadership positions. WTF? That people on all sides of the political aisle do what is best for them and not for the people they are supposed to serve. Then I finally have to say…WTF. Life goes on and I’m planning to make it the best I can in the areas I control.

  18. Jay Lickus says:

    Sometimes you just have to accept the WTF world we live in. You know what the great philosopher Ron White said: “You Can’t Fix Stupid!”

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