Yosemite in winter

December 22, 2010
It is by far the grandest
of all the special temples of Nature
I was ever permitted to enter.
-John Muir

It was an uneventful drive. Well, if you don’t count my husband’s city-slicker commentary. A long, long winding ride through the High Sierra on Hwy 120 elicited this: “There’s gotta be a better way to get into this park.” {Not that I’m any great outdoorswoman, myself…}

But once we hit higher elevations I got my hoped-for winter wonderland.The hairpin turns in snow and slush {especially the ones with sheer dropoffs} were a little gnarly, but the views were spectacular.

The evergreens sported stoles of snow on every branch. Low hanging clouds cast everything in black, grey and white, which along with the snow, set the wintry mood. Bridalveil Falls hadn’t frozen yet (see above) and Half Dome dusted in snow was a beautiful sight.

I’ll let these photos tell a little about the awesome power of nature.

Viewing the glorious handiwork of the Almighty, from this vantage point looking untouched even after 9,000 years of human history, reaffirmed for us the need to preserve as much of nature as we can.

Yosemite is indeed a grand temple of nature.

One comment on “Yosemite in winter
  1. Cheri says:

    Simply gorgeous. Thank you for sharing!

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