Don’t reject, inspect!

June 13, 2024


I’m always shocked when people with scientific backgrounds reject non-traditional thought out of hand.

“No way!” they insist. “The science isn’t there!”

Well, maybe not at present. But there’s lots of stuff that science needed to catch up with.  Like gravity. Or that the earth orbits the sun. Or even airplanes.

It just seems smarter to consider the possibilities, not reject them. Even if it seems crazy or impossible with current science. Because no great scientific advance occurred without doing just that.

The world is flat!

At one time, people thought the world was flat. (Yes, yes, there are morons who think that now. But science has shown us we live on a globe.)

I am a big believer in the possibilities, until something is proven otherwise. And it’s especially true for me when it comes to ETs.

  • It seems the height of arrogance to think that we are the only inhabitants in this great big infinite universe.
  • Almost as arrogant to think that there are no worlds more advanced than ours.
  • Or that they haven’t visited us, using super-advanced technology.

But we don’t know. Actually, I’m pretty sure many do know, but it’s been a closely-guarded secret for decades.

I’m well-read on this subject

This is a topic I’ve done some pretty deep dives into over 30 years, because I don’t believe in accepting party lines at face value. Mostly because I’ve written party lines during my career that probably should not have been taken at face value. I know how this works.

For myself, I believe we have been visited by ETs and we have even reverse-engineered their crafts. Yes, yes, I know, it sounds crazy. But I’ve been pushing on this subject for all those years and I’m about to push again.

I’ve long wanted to attend a workshop in person with one of the leading UFO experts in the world and I’m doing that in July. It’s totally inconvenient for me. But I’m doing it. Because for two nights, we’ll be using what he says is tested and true protocol to call in crafts.

The value of personal experience

If you know me at all you can see how this would be a totally irresistible event, allowing me the possibility of experiencing myself what I’ve only read about. And assessing if I still believe it or not.

A few years ago I regressed an alleged abductee. That I was willing to do that tells you how interested I am in understanding what might really be going on. Because there is so MUCH government-planted misinformation out there.

If you’d like to know more about this subject and what I’ll be doing in July, stream the 2017 film, Unacknowledged. It’s left Netflix, where it was for a long time and is now on Tubi, Prime, Vudu and can be bought other places. And if you do, let me know what you think.

And you might think about this: It’s easy to reject an idea, but it’s much smarter to investigate it and then make a more informed opinion.

8 comments on “Don’t reject, inspect!
  1. I have the same interest, Carol…and have been deep diving for years. But the past few years have been intensely eye opening, and now renowned scientists are coming forward to speak out loud and visibly. I believe I know who you will be spending time with. Enjoy it all!

    • It’s just logical, Marylou, a least to me! And yes, I have followed him for many years and now am going to see what I think when I spend a weekend with him.

      • Have you listened to Garry Nolan from Stanford and talks from the SOL Conference, on Youtube? The thing is, even Garry would say…things don’t make sense. It’s turning our idea of Physics upside down and everything, really. We are on an interesting ride, for sure! Stay tuned…

  2. Laurie Stone says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there were aliens all around us. We just can’t pick up on them with our limited senses. So much we don’t understand. Fascinating subject.

  3. Alana says:

    I’ve read SF for nearly 60 years. Other life forms must exist in this huge universe of ours (although I suspect that many intelligent life forms tend to kill themselves off before they invent enough technology to perform interstellar travel). Just as one example, why assume they are even all oxygen breathers? There’s also an increasing belief that we may be living in a simulation. The truth is out there and it may be more bizarre/incredible (take your pick) than any of us think.

  4. Thanks, Carol. One of these days we’ll be in shared space for some wonderful and wonderfully long conversations.

  5. Beth Havey says:

    Every day we are offered information: ie sciences, medicine, the law. If only more people would avail themselves to just ONE article a week, we might have a more educated populace. Thanks for your post.

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