Girlfriends, booze, chocolate and Thanksgiving

November 20, 2012
Ain’t it the truth!

We are off this morning to a tiny town outside Boulder, CO, where we’ll spend the holiday with a longtime friend and her companion. And her dog, horses and cats. And some of her friends.

I’ve known J since the mid-1990s, when we worked for the same boss. We both had staff in Colorado, but she chose to relocate. She bought a few acres, shipped her horse and bought more, and set up a small ranch, where she’s lived mostly happily since. My job brought me to Colorado every two weeks for almost two weeks at a time and I used to stay with her. Every morning she’d put on her rubber boots, bundle up against the cold and trek out to the barn to feed the horses, rain, snow or shine. Like a good “farm wife,” I’d put the coffee on and by the time she came in, the aroma would have filled the house.  Of course, we then got ready and headed off to our big jobs in tech. It was a fun way to take a business trip.

Colorado’s beautiful and rustic and just smacks of the Old West, still. I liked it, but since I’m hardly an outdoors woman, I resisted the urge to relocate.  Still, I love spending time there with J.

Thanksgiving at her house is always an adventure. She’s a fan of great recipes and her menu veers toward the non-traditional. There’s plenty of wine, which means that once in a while, a recipe doesn’t get made exactly as planned. But it’s all in good fun. Her Thanksgiving table is open to anyone who wants to come, so there’s always an interesting mix of people she knows with plenty of Thanksgiving spirit.

One summer, I brought Riley on a Colorado visit. Joy has had Aussies, a breed that requires firm training. Riley is absolutely a hot mess. Just ask anyone he’s spent time with. Including Aunt Joy. So she really is itching to get her hands on him again.  This time, though, he and his brother, Little He, are staying at home with one of our live-in pet sitters.

So, off we go to the Rockies this morning, where I’ll have my fix of booze, chocolate and one of my favorite girlfriends.

Could there be anything better?

Safe travels to you and yours this week, if you are on the road.

3 comments on “Girlfriends, booze, chocolate and Thanksgiving
  1. Anonymous says:

    friends are a treasure; agree totally. have a great holiday. beth

  2. Safe travels and have a wonderful time visiting with a woman who sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. I agree hanging out your girlfriends is just so much fun. I like to be with my family on Thanksgiving but it sounds like J is that to you!

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