10 ways to sneak healthful living into your life

July 13, 2012

Just do it in a sneaky way:

1.  STEP UP. Take the stairs.

2. STEP OUT. Park at the end of the lot.

  1. SPIN IT UP. Make a smoothie and add a spoonful of almond butter and spinach to it. Spinach has no taste at all in a smoothie, trust me.

    4. STEP BY STEP. Make a standing date to walk and talk with friend. Conversation makes exercise seem like a social event.

    5.  DOG TROT. Walk your dog a mile in the morning and a mile in the afternoon. That’s two miles a day and you’ll both benefit.

    6. MEET MEATLESS. Omit meat once or twice a week. You won’t miss it: There are plenty of good vegetarian dishes: spaghetti with garlic and grated cheese, a hearty salad with avocado, a cut up boiled egg and veggies and so many more.

    7. FROM THE GROUND UP. Buy organic when you can. Yes, it can be expensive. I buy organic eggs and they’re two or three times as expensive. But in the greater scheme of things, it’s just a few bucks a month. My Community Supported Agriculture box is delivered every Wednesday and for $31 I get a heap of wonderful vegetables. And what’s great is that I can specify what varieties I do not want.

  1. SILENCE. Meditate. Oh, you don’t have to take expensive lessons. There are free Youtube meditation videos if you want structure or you can choose to just sit quietly and do nothing for 15 or 20 minutes once or twice a day.

    9. STOP AND SNIFF. Stop and smell the flowers.  Just like dogs enjoy “sniff walks,” in which they stop to investigate every flower or new piece of pee-mail, sometimes it’s nice to step outside and just stroll, enjoying the plants, flowers, sunshine and ambience. Fortunately, we humans don’t notice pee-mail!

    10.  SLEEP IT OFF. Go to bed earlier. The health benefits of getting eight or more hours of sleep are well-known.

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