A pre-Christmas stroll through San Francisco

December 1, 2012
San Francisco’s about an hour north, 
and I go so often my car practically drives itself.
Actually, coming home from the city last month we were  briefly behind 
Google’s experimental self-driving car–no kidding– 
so maybe one day my car actually WILL drive itself! 
Lots of people here have seen it, but this was my first time.
Want to see one? 
This isn’t the one we were behind, it looks like an earlier version.
 Ours was white and had a more streamlined doo-hickey spinning on the roof.
Let’s stroll randomly through San Francisco on a beautiful, unseasonably warm 
November weekend, ok?
Union Square
Who wouldn’t leave their heart, or at least part of it, in the beautiful city by the bay?

The Golden Gate bridge is such an icon–biking it sounds like fun, no? 
A unique experience for anyone –even residents.

Can you make out the flag? Here’s what also sounds like fun: a visit to one of the Fine Arts Museums, especially to see the Nureyev  exhibition. 
We do have some great museums.

We’ll be visitng again just before Chiristmas and were excited 
hat we’d get to see the decorations….but Macy’s really pushed the season. 
Christmas decorations November 1. Nooooo! But they look just right for December.

And then, red Christmas trees? Oh, the horror! 
I know red is Macy’s color, but I just wasn’t ready for these.

at Louis Vuitton/SF
I love gazing in shop windows. This bizarre display was fascinating. 
I couldn’t stop looking at it.

a favorite restaurant
We had dinner with friends at a favorite restaurant. 
This beautiful silver charger below was part of our place setting. Dinner was over-the-top delicious.

Art galleries dot Union Square and even though I’m just about out of wall space,  
it’s always nice to window shop.

If you’re my age, this evokes another famous piece of word art. I’d love this for my home.
Would love these for my wall.
 Love the texture and the arrangement.

You must know by now that I’m partial to modern art, for sure.

Who buys flowers at touristy Union Square, I wonder? 
The vendor’s always on site with such beautiful blooms.

Safeway delivers
With parking at a premium, I’d take advantage of Safeway.com delivery if I lived in the city.

Goyard luggage 
Goyard is the oldest trunk maker still in business–since 1792! 
I loved this display in San Francisco.
These old-fashioned trunks evoke another time and place–what a wonderful way to pack! 
Just have your lady’s maid pack your ball gowns in a huge leather steamer trunk. 
Quite different than the roller-boards of today. Which we lug ourselves.
Progress, right?

Yeah, I know, you get it. I love nicely packaged soaps.

I’d love to know your favorite city to stroll through, and some of your favorite sights.
4 comments on “A pre-Christmas stroll through San Francisco
  1. I felt like I was there strolling the shops. THanks for the peak at the Google Car too!

  2. Jennifer Comet Wagner says:

    I’ll be there in less than two weeks to visit my son and attend Blogher Pro. Thanks for the pics.

  3. Denise G says:

    Wow thanks so much for sharing this! I really felt like I was there with you. My favorite place to stroll would probably have been Venice Italy.

  4. Don’t miss any chance you have to visit the beautiful city by the bay, and Jennifer, if you want any info or advice, just let me know!

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