All systems are corrupt

June 21, 2024


All systems are corrupt.

I loved this line from my current favorite series, For All Mankind on AppleTV+. 

Not because I like corruption but because I think it’s reality. Put two people together and add the opportunity for personal or corporate gain–you’ll usually get corruption.

Corruption has always been part of how humankind interacts. But now, it’s visible. Didn’t used to be. Today, if you’re looking for corruption and secrets, you’ll find them. You can’t miss them.

But you have to know how to assess the info you find.

It’s not always easy. Seemingly credible people in seemingly credible positions may very well be corrupt. You can’t always believe them.

About anything.

But how to differentiate?

It’s very difficult. If not impossible.

I just watched a documentary on Joan Baez, one of the most important people in my lifetime. I think about her lifetime devoted to activism of all kinds: on behalf of peace, racial understanding, unhoused people and so much more. In her 80s now, she’s seen a boatload of corruption. I wonder how she feels now, in this last part of a long life devoted to a revolution that never really finished.

So I turn the question over to you. How do we decide if someone is corrupt or not? How do we keep from being misled?


2 comments on “All systems are corrupt
  1. Bonnie Moore says:

    My opinion…before I can answer your question about corruption, I need to understand your definition of the word better. Are you talking about someone with a primary interest in self-betterment or personal goals? Maybe someone who secretly bribes another person to accomplish a result…it’s always important to step back (first) and see who will benefit, who will be worse off, and why is something being proposed. Life is complicated…what seems to be a good idea, maybe beneficial, could be a disaster to someone else. Maybe the means of accomplishing the proposal is through manipulation rather than honesty, power rather than discourse. Corruption is a very big word.

    • I’m referring to the primary definition of corruption, as in being dishonest for money or personal gain which is pretty narrow in itself. Testing actions against it is pretty easy ….not that I have any particular public person in mind..ha. I have many, actually.

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