Life isn’t short, it’s long

June 27, 2013
Kensington Gardens, London

Kensington Gardens, London

How many times have you heard someone say, “Life is short!”  Or said it yourself?

It’s a constant in my vocabulary, a reminder that we should all make the most of every single day.

But last month, one of my longest-lived friends turned that concept on its head. As we made plans, she commented, “Life is long.”

Life is long???  Well, sure, to her it is. She’s long-lived already.

But when I thought about it, I saw that she was right.  Life is long. I’ve lived more than 60 years, already–that’s a damn long time, actually.

Curly Girl Designs

Curly Girl Designs

And the same life lessons still apply–life is long, so make the most of it. Appreciate its richness!

flower chach

Wouldn’t it be nice to pick a bloom from the garden each day and put it on your dining table? What stops you?

door to crop

When you come to an interesting door, why not open it and see what’s behind there?

handsLend a helping hand to someone in need. And repeat as often as possible.

global warming

Live responsibly. Especially important because life is long.

Peter LSTake time out to rest and regenerate. You’ll need it. Life is long!

sleep with meCuddling up is always a good idea.

ril kitchbedPets count. Especially if they’re great cuddlers.

2013-05-28 14.03.14

Surround yourself with beautiful things. No, this is not mine.

2012-09-01 23.53.19Stand for something, and agitate on its behalf.

2012-09-28 20.08.32Relax in a tub full of something sweet smelling every so often.

2012-09-28 16.55.34Find a partner in crime and hang out with her. A lot.

2013-05-19 16.44.35Have a fantastic cup of coffee or tea every day. At least one!

2013-02-02 15.50.12And for God’s sake, have a donut every once in a while.

2012-12-19 00.18.47Everyone makes a mistake or two. Sometimes three. We’re human!

2012-09-28 20.08.38The heck with makeup–let the joy of living light up your face!

mangosteenTreat yourself to something expensive and luxurious every once in a while. (Expensive is a relative term)

Hendricks Chapel/Syracuse University

Hendricks Chapel/Syracuse University

Remember your youth with appreciation. Be thankful for it.

I realize now how I got a hot, 23 yr old boyfriend when I was 33.

NOW I see how I got a hot, 23 yr old boyfriend when I was 33. (Not my car.) Loved those shoes.

Remember that there really was a day when you were young and hot. You have other traits just as wonderful now.

ark unicorn

Don’t take yourself (or organized religion) too seriously. Life is long–you’d be insufferable, even to yourself.

scatter joyBring happiness to those around you. It’ll come back tenfold, and that’s a lot in a long life.

2012-12-19 01.11.45

Keep social media in perspective. They’re not the be-all/end-all. See people in person.

2012-12-18 20.44.48Spend some time thinking. Don’t over-think.  But do think.

2012-11-24 14.08.00

Feel the wind in your hair.

And of course:

2012-12-19 01.15.19

(Thanks to my beloved friend L for her inspiration, in life and in writing, now and always.)

12 comments on “Life isn’t short, it’s long
  1. Michelle says:

    Fantastic!! Thank you for this — all great reminders. BTW, you were and are totally hot!

  2. Barbara says:

    What a joy to wake up to this post today…and the NYC photos….and you…and Syracuse!!!! Signed, a fellow partner in crime

  3. Janie Emaus says:

    This is my mother’s sentiment exactly. And she’s 88.

  4. Jo Heroux says:

    I believe I may have needed this new to me outlook today. I have been feeling a bit like my days are getting shorter and my years ahead, of course, are fewer than my days behind. I don’t like looking back often, so forward to my long life I go!

    Excellent post. Thank you and your lovely friend .

    • admin says:

      She is a “rock-star” elder and one of my favorite partners in crime. I’m seeing her this weekend and I’m sure we will be up to something interesting.

  5. These are some terrific images and ideas! Especially the notes from The Titanic and the Unicorns.

    Thanks for the new way of looking at and old thing. Hehe.

  6. These are all really cute and wonderful reminders to embrace life. I love the shoes as well! –don’t you wish you still had them, they’re back in style.

  7. Lisa Romeo says:

    So – that’s the second time today I came across a photo of Hendricks Chapel. Odd, but good memories. Lovely pics/sentiments.

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