When opining crosses the line to become online bullying

June 25, 2024


Online bullying. It’s everywhere.

I am very tired of social media critics purporting to know the thoughts, motives, reasons behind things that certain celebrities do and then passing judgment. The constant bashing of certain celebrities. It reminds me of the joy Romans took in lethal clashes between gladiators. Or lions and Christians.

It raises my blood pressure.

Social media is stuffed with online bullying and certain targets are especially hated.

Let’s take Harry and Meghan


The amount of online hatred aimed at Meghan astonishes me.People purport to know her thoughts, her motivation and all about her work and her marriage. She is Harry’s puppetmaster, they say. He is “henpecked,” they tell us. He will do anything to please her, including separate from his family, they tell us.

They know nothing.

Having read Harry’s book, it sounds to me like he’s wanted to exit for a long time. Maybe he didn’t want the level of separation that exists now, but he was never comfortable with all the royal goings on.

But the truth is….

We know nothing. His thoughts are his own and we can only make up what we think he’s about.

The same with Meghan, who is blamed for everything Harry has done. Because the woman usually is. Women make great targets for online bullying. It hasn’t helped that her ridiculous “stepsister” has been pushing out lies about Meghan for years. And the evil stepsister just lost her lawsuit, which is a pretty good indication she was full of shit.

Meghan is trolled for everything she does. And why? She’s trying to live her life. Sure, she’s a celeb. Sure, she’s probably operating out of self-interest at times.

But don’t most celebrities?

Don’t WE all?

The idea of hating someone you don’t even know makes me crazy. It’s wrong. Just plain wrong.

Or the hatred and insults aimed at my favorite Formula 1 driver, Lewis Hamilton, who currently drives for Mercedes-AMG-Petronas team but has cut a deal to move to Ferrari next season. The online trolls are on him like white on rice.


Lewis Hamilton is an excellent F1 driver. But more importantly, he is an amazing human being.

Keyboard warriors? I’ve had enough of them. They’re most obvious when it comes to celebrities, but this entire bullying thing has really impacted kids. I am very sorry for children who have to come up in this environment.

9 comments on “When opining crosses the line to become online bullying
  1. Laurie Stone says:

    I agree about Harry and Meghan. The hatred, especially toward her, is off the charts. I can’t read it. I find it depressing.

  2. Alana says:

    There are no boundary lines online. Or in many other places. We are losing the veneer of civilization we once had. I’ve never wanted to be a celebrity, but this could happen to any of us if we are unfortunate enough to end up in the news. Just think of the Newtown parents.

  3. It’s truly depressing the amount of hatred that is spreading around our country. Super judgy and zero respect for others and their differing opinions. Makes me want to hop into my RV and live off the grid for a while!!

  4. Beth Havey says:

    We all must try to be accepting of other people’s choices. As my husband always says WE DO NOT KNOW THEIR STORY. At least the quiet parts of it.

    • Well, sometimes I do know their stories and their choices are inexplicable. But then not so inexplicable, actually. Just horrifying. I can not and hope I will never accept the choice of others to be racist or do harm to others.

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