Snow, ice & Currier & Ives

February 24, 2014
Photo by Bonnie Steward, New Jersey

Photo by Bonnie Steward, New Jersey

Snow.  That scene’s  idyllic, isn’t it? The snow looks so soft and fluffy.

But when you’ve had so much of it, the charm dissipates a bit.  That’s what my sister-from-another-mother in New Jersey tells me. And if I really try, I can remember my upbringing in the Snow Belt city of Rochester, NY and those snowstorms that covered our long ranch house with drifts higher than my bedroom window. I can remember trudging to class through the snow at Syracuse University. (When I actually went to class and didn’t stay back in my dorm to smoke pot and string love beads.)

It was a big storm back in 1972 that made M’s decision about which law school to go to a breeze. The acceptance to a Florida school arrived on a snow-stormy February day and for him, it was a no-brainer. “We’re going,” he said, and we did, just a few days after we got married. That was the last time either of us lived in a snowy city.

But I still have my Currier & Ives fantasies.  Even as my friend in Montana posts tales of shoveling and plowing and heaters going out in minus-14 degree weather.  So maybe they’ll stay fantasies.

Because that beautiful snow scene above can quickly turn into this frozen-snow-now-ice scene below. And that I DO remember.

Photo by Bonnie Steward, New Jersey

Photo by Bonnie Steward, New Jersey

Thanks, Bonnie, for the photos…and the memories!

18 comments on “Snow, ice & Currier & Ives
  1. KIM says:

    Wow lots of snow there. I’ll never see that much in my lifetime living in Texas, but have come close a few times. So looking forward to what spring brings us this year!

  2. Yes, another friend in Jersey – ME – says it’s beautiful after the first snow. Then, it gets old.

    I want to escape. Calgon, take me (far) away!

  3. It does look so pretty! And it was SO different when we were kids. Now I’m like, ugh, go out in it AGAIN? 😉 But in NC it’s so rare I give in. My daughter loves it. 🙂

  4. Love these photos but so glad I live in sunny California!

  5. As a New Yorker I have completely had my fill of the snow, though it does look beautiful when it first falls! It looks a lot less appealing when it’s a few days old and all muddy. I will keep your lovely photos in my mind when I go trudge outside today!!

  6. pia says:

    Living in a place where the last time snow stuck was for a few hours during President Obama’s first inaguration this winter was amazing. I was just looking at pictures on phone of being iced in for 3 days two or three weeks ago–beautiful. As are the pictures in your post

  7. I’m sitting here in a California drought, missing the days when I lived where it snows. Somehow, I cannot get past my envy of those who have all that snow.

  8. Haralee says:

    Yes it is pretty from a distance. When I first moved to Oregon from New England and asked when does winter start and was told this is it, (no Snow or real cold) I was hooked. Besides a few days a year, here in Portland, we can drive to the snow and the pretty winter scenes and ski in about 90 minutes, then drive home to the rain and green. I much prefer it.

  9. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    After all these weeks of severe weather in the Northeast, I don’t think there are many of us who are appreciating the beauty of the snow these days. We’re all counting the days til spring. At least I know I am!

  10. I was raised in the north, and I love snow. For about a week. Period.

  11. k~ says:

    Native Montanan here, and the winters are long and can be very cold, but there are also those moments that dreams are made of. I can recall one September evening, the seventeenth I believe, it snowed about six inches just before midnight. I bundled up and went for a walk with a friend of mine. The snow sparkled on the ground like stardust, and the only prints were the ones we were making. It was calm, quiet and so comforting. We walked for nearly an hour, because I did not want to go back inside, I wanted to stay inside the dream.

    Another time just after midnight, the northern lights sent their wonders down to the center of our street. Montana is a magickal place that gets good and cold to keep the warblers out. 😉

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