Christmas gifts that cost nothing

November 23, 2011
Short on money but still want to give Christmas gifts? Consider a personal services gift certificate, for services done by--that's right--YOU.Everyone's got a talent of...

What goes down the leash comes up the leash

November 22, 2011
I know it's hard to believe, but Riley can be a moody little dog. I know it strains credulity.Because he's cute as a button.But he's also moody as all get-out. You just...

Diva’s 20 holiday gifts for $10 or less

November 22, 2011
It takes creative, clever shopping to stay within budget, especially $10 or less. I absolutely love stores like TJMaxx, Marshalls, Home Goods and Old Navy. Bath and...

Budget Tips for hard times

November 21, 2011
Call out for food, save tip.Steware and glasses at dollar store or thrift...

Diva’s Top 10 easy, budget-conscious Christmas shoppi...

November 21, 2011
It's time. Past time, really, because the crowds are starting to mass and it's already hard to find a parking space at the mall.Diva's almost a professional shopper, and...

WTF moment when dog confronted with tap-dancing Christmas t

November 21, 2011
Riley's little Cairn terrier girlfriend, Lexi, and her mom came out with us the other night to the tree lighting at the Pruneyard Shopping Center in Campbell. (Riley is...

Love without legalities

November 20, 2011
Here in the 21st century our lives are chock-full of relationshipsthat remain long after "official" status gone.Like an in-law.{I hate the "in-law" designation.}Or...

Fall but soon winter

November 19, 2011
It's dark earlier now*, and carpets of leaves are everywhere. It's still fall, but we're moving relentlessly toward winter, a cold, dark season for many of us.Our wet...

Finding our way home

November 18, 2011
South in winter, north in spring: birds always know where home is. Back in the day, extended families all lived in the same area. "Home" was clear. Today, not so...

Creating our own reality

November 17, 2011
What if we did create our own realityand had to take responsibilityfor everything that's happened in our life,had an internal locus of control,had to face that our...

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