The color of life

June 23, 2013

colorful glasses I love these bottles, especially the rose-colored ones. Color is best consumed in every possible shade and life is best consumed the same way. That’s my position, anyway.

As I tell my students, life isn’t all that fragile, not really. Certainly not as fragile as these glass bottles. Look around. I know people who take so many blows I wonder how they’re still standing. And yet, they are, as ramrod straight as these bottles; some of them are living lives just this colorful, too.

Yeah, they look like bottles to most people, but to me, they look like life.

Of course, as much as I loved them, I couldn’t think of any use for them–they’re just decorative–so when I saw them in a shop, I admired, shot a photo and moved on.

There’s way too much decor in my home already, although these would completely fit in.

So, maybe you can suggest a cool use for them?

3 comments on “The color of life
  1. Deborah Lonergan says:

    Mount some glass shelves inside a window where you don’t need much privacy and stack ’em up. They will make a pretty window “covering”.

  2. Haralee says:

    I love them and would use them to store rice or find something just to use them!

  3. Susan Cooper says:

    I could find some use for these… LOL. I love these colors. My problem is I would want all the colors and then I would have to find a place to put them. 🙂

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