Please join me this morning

August 26, 2009 prayersand positive thoughtsfor a good outcome for M's tests today.Thank...

A Blip

August 14, 2009
While you're playing this weekend, please take a moment to shoot a prayer or two our way. I'm heading downstate in the morning because my fabulous husband is having a...

Life is for living

August 13, 2009
We are thinking, these days, of quality of life issues. Of how much of the rest of our time we want to spend working. As opposed to having fun.Work can be fun. But they...

Showing off

August 12, 2009
When I first read Marianne Williamson's book, Illuminata, A Return to Prayer, back in 1994, I was blown away.The prayers she writes are exceptionally powerful and...

Sweet Sunday

August 9, 2009
Sundays.A time for lazing in bed late.For reading the New York Times slowly, over a cup of hot, rich coffee.For doing the crossword puzzle, if you're like my fabulous...

Giving thanks

August 2, 2009
It's a praise & worship kind of Sunday. Sometimes, I just feel like formally giving thanks for the many blessings in my life. No better way for me to do that than in...

In Motion

July 27, 2009
Things in Coral Gables are moving quickly. Most everything at M.'s house was sold at this past weekend's estate sale, and there's even been some interest in buying the...

Sunday Blessings on You

July 26, 2009
I pray:...that my friends, family and the entire world find peace and harmony....that Baby Makenzie continues to grow in strength and health....that Gal, David and...

Infinite peace

July 25, 2009
I received an email from a relatively new Florida acquaintance this morning, signed Om shanti.I had to look it up.Om is a common meditation mantra (sound) and it...


July 19, 2009

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