Is past life regression real?

June 8, 2017
Is past life regression real? Do you have to believe in reincarnation to have one? Having just completed a three-course, year-long graduate program in past life...

Kindness grenade

June 7, 2017
My octagenerian BFF got one of the first decks of healing affirmations, hot off the press. A few weeks later she was visiting at my house and,unsolicited, dug into her...

“Congratulations on being you!”

June 6, 2017
A friend messaged me the other day about my new business, A Healing Spirit. He told me how much he loved the products and then said "Congratulations on being you!" I...

Managing anxiety

June 5, 2017
I know anxiety. I met it in my early 20s. When I didn't know a thing about managing anxiety. The trouble with anxiety is that it can come up out of nowhere. No...

How to dial down your pain

June 4, 2017
If you'd like to learn how to dial down your pain, click...

Simple kindnesses

June 1, 2017
Save Save Kindnesses.  Don't get me wrong: I pray every day. But I do kindnesses, too. Being kind. Such a simple thing, really.  I think some of us underestimate...

Acknowledging the human condition with a thoughtful gift

May 30, 2017
Loss and grief are part of the human condition. So is the need to heal. That's what a customer said as she ordered the sets above from my website, A Healing Spirit,...

The healing power of expressing your emotions

May 28, 2017
You would have PLENTY to say. And expressing those emotions can help you heal. We can make that process easy with journals that guide you to write, draw or paste...

Now that the barn has burned down

May 27, 2017
Now that the barn has burned down I can see the moon. ~Persian proverb We're supposed to find the blessings in the things that happen to us--even the hardest, most...

Nature, disease, Voltaire

May 21, 2017

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