Out of the shadows…

February 29, 2016
In person, my husband is what used to be called a hail fellow well met: known to be hearty, friendly and congenial. A guy's guy. Or, what Dave Barry calls "a...


August 10, 2015
The idea for this blog sprouted straight out of my head. Literally.  My hair --or, more specifically--people's reaction to my hair served as the impetus for...

Renovation: prepare the house + yourself

July 21, 2015
Our renovation went smoothly, and I attribute it first to the luck of choosing a good contractor, one who considered schedule and budget as mandates and not...

Makeup trends: what’s old is new again

July 12, 2015
I love the fashion and beauty industries. There really is very little new in either, just a recycling of old fashion and makeup trends that were once fresh and new. So I...

Vintage couture in the 20th century

July 6, 2015
Gorgeous gowns and couture going back 100 years are part of a collection borrowed from the Brooklyn Museum of Art that's closing soon at the Legion of Honor Museum in...

How to plan a renovation

June 23, 2015
This is the first of at least three posts on renovations--in general, and ours in particular. Come in! You've heard the scare stories about the renovations from...

Now retro, then, all the rage

June 9, 2015
  Growing up, did your kitchen look like this? Mine didn't. but I love it, all of it: the color scheme, the appliances and the retro 1950s vibe. I once did a...

5 stylin’ yet affordable summer hats

June 8, 2015
I love hats. I love them as fashion statements, but they're also a must to protect our skin from the heat of the summer sun.  Form and function? The two don't always go...

Nothing stays the same

May 20, 2015
Nothing stays the same, and sometimes, that makes us sad.  In that vein, we said goodbye this week to a series that was almost universally loved for its pitch-perfect...

Throwback to the 1960s

March 26, 2015
Buick has reinvented itself now, but back in the day, there was no better throwback than a 1960s Buick. Note the gear shift on the steering column. The narrow, uncovered...

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