The gold-burnished real reality

December 6, 2022
Like an anthropologist, I have watched the "Real" Housewives for insight into worlds I know very little about. And for a while, in the early days, that very strange culture really did fascinate me. The fashion! The glam! The homes! Curiosity. Well, you know what they say about that. But one...

Res ipse loquitur

February 12, 2009

Out of Left Field

February 12, 2009
I was thinking today about balls that come out of left field, and the characteristics of a good left-fielder. Because outfielders have to cover a lot of ground, speed,...

Valentine I would be least likely to receive.

February 12, 2009

Did you think you were done?

February 12, 2009
No.  More Valentine...

If there’s a stamp for it…

February 12, 2009's a real holiday. This one's from a couple years ago. There's always a "love" stamp. How else would wedding invitations get mailed? Speaking of weddings,...

If you don’t ask…

February 11, 2009
If you don't ask...the answer is always...

Just art.

February 11, 2009

Sign of the times

February 11, 2009
My trainer AND Pilates tonight after more than a week away. So I need a laugh.I found this sign of the times--a retro MySpace joke.My head is spinning from the...

Finding peace within

February 11, 2009
Emotions are knee-jerk responses, just by definition. They come up quickly and without any thought at all.Today, it's more important than ever to be more conscious of...


February 11, 2009
Well, I'm back from a conference of Christian broadcasters in Nashville. I felt a little like Margaret Mead immersed in some unfamiliar culture.I was in the fold,...

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