The gold-burnished real reality

December 6, 2022
Like an anthropologist, I have watched the "Real" Housewives for insight into worlds I know very little about. And for a while, in the early days, that very strange culture really did fascinate me. The fashion! The glam! The homes! Curiosity. Well, you know what they say about that. But one...

Go green…or don’t go at all

February 23, 2009
"Savannah has been celebrating St Patrick's Day since 1813, and this year is the 185th annual St Patrick's Day Parade. Every year, more than 300,000 people visit...


February 22, 2009
After a difficult week in California, I got home last night to a huge amount of love and support. I can't express how blessed I feel and I wish I could write more about...

On my way home at noon

February 21, 2009
The mover is hired, some boxes are already on their way and I'm leaving California in a few hours. When I return, it will be as a visitor, not a resident, something that...

Celestial Guidance Counselors

February 21, 2009

Yes, I know:

February 21, 2009
Valentine's Day was a week ago. But why should love be discussed only once a year? When it's such a wonderful feeling?If you're lucky, at least once in your life you'll...

A card I got last year

February 20, 2009
"May you walk proudly,step softlyand always follow the voice of your heart." My sister-in-law sent me this thought last year, commenting that she thought that was how I...

Always loved this

February 20, 2009

A carpet of purple

February 20, 2009
Spring. Pacific Grove. A carpet of purple ice plant. It's gorgeous and about April this is what it'll look like.Ok, so I've done it. The condo is empty and ready for (I...


February 19, 2009
A long day at the condo with another yet to go. I'm really tired and want nothing more than to curl up in bed. But instead, I'm reading the Valentine's Day posts at www....

Janitorial Service

February 18, 2009
I'm in San Jose, trying to clean up my mess here. The goal is to get my stuff completely out of the condo in Pacific Grove, get property...

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