Why we should raise our words, not our voices

November 4, 2019
We live in such uncivilized times, don't we? I'm beginning to really despise the way social media have become a bully pulpit for uncivilized discourse. The politics of...

More wisdom from Sister Monica Joan

June 10, 2019
Gathered together we find our light and each spark shifts and multiplies, scattering its radiance on our ordinary lives, like everything precious, more valuable when...

How to turn ” what if ” into something positive

November 26, 2018
I don't remember where i saw this image but I can tell you that it stopped me in my tracks. Because I realized how often our " what if " scenarios are bleak. Negative....

Children of Neptune

March 12, 2018
Children of Neptune by Lisa G. Froman for the children of Parkland The children, see how they are growing, palms in air, atoning. They are arising. Neptune’s...

How to discover your life purpose

February 13, 2018
How true this is. There's nothing better than knowing why we're here. Our life purpose. Why? Because it gives meaning to our lives. Perspective for the bad times and...

Knowing the way

January 16, 2018

Bad day?

January 8, 2018
I don't deny that some days are so bad that they seem to darken our lives irrevocably. But that's usually not the case. It saves a lot of anxiety and stress if we...

The only place you have that’s always summer

August 25, 2017
When Camus talked about the invincible summer he was referring to that indomitable spirit, the strength we find when dig deep within. He went on to say that no matter...

Just fake it

July 18, 2017
Lack of confidence is a roadblock for so many people in so many situations: Getting an education, applying for a new job, leaving a bad relationship, going after a good...

“Congratulations on being you!”

June 6, 2017
A friend messaged me the other day about my new business, A Healing Spirit. He told me how much he loved the products and then said "Congratulations on being you!" I...

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