May 17, 2017
If I sat down and made a list of the frustrations I've had with consultants I've worked with since I left the corporate world, I'd burn out that pencil. See those...

Dealing with the loss of estrangement

May 16, 2017
Don't let anyone kid you. Estrangement is loss. The person may not be dead, but they might as well be, because they are not present in your life. And just like with...

Ram Dass on healing

May 14, 2017
Yes, that's it, exactly. Ram Dass should know--he had quite a bad stroke in 1997 and has lived quite fully since, even with some major physical limitations. But no...

Do doctors have all the answers?

May 13, 2017
Doctors know a lot. I get it, since my father was one. A good one, too. But doctors are now beginning to realize that science may not tell us everything about health...

Croissants, macarons + flowers: ahh France!

May 10, 2017
Yes, we're off to France for a while, hopping a plane to DFW and meeting our friends for the trip across the pond. Without my usual ton of baggage because I was more...

A healing package bonus from A Healing Spirit

May 9, 2017
NOTE: If you're grieving or healing from something, come see how we can help at A Healing Spirit. Ok. Stop what you're doing for a moment. Please. Because you could...

Boomers share tips, tricks & wisdom

May 7, 2017
Remember these VW vans? They were ubiquitous in the Sixties andI remember them well!  Today, our Best of Boomers crew is sharing tips, tricks, wisdom and even a smile...

What remains

May 7, 2017
Loss can seem overwhelming. It's true that life will never be the same after a great loss. But it's also true that so much remains. Grief is an indicator of how well...

Don’t suffer.

April 29, 2017
Helen Keller is a woman I've always admired. Talk about rising to the occasion.... So ... Whether it's cancer, Crohn's, M.S., chronic pain, anxiety or grief, our...

Actually feeling feelings

April 27, 2017
That's the funny thing about feelings. We think if we push them down hard enough, they'll disappear. Dr. Charles/ChicagoMed NBC's  Chicago Med is a different brand...

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